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13+ Certificate Templates for Good Citizenship Awards – PSD, AI

There are two types of people in a society, the good ones and the bad ones. Each of which has contributions that affect society for better or worse. For each contribution, a corresponding reward or consequence awaits. You may also see Certificate Templates.

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For those who are thought of as bad citizens, who consciously disobey the codes of being a citizen, certain penalties are enforced depending on the gravity of the act. While those seen as good citizens, who consistently follow the ordinances within a society, are rewarded with great recognition and honor.

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Let us focus more on the latter, the good citizens. The award that is rewarded to them that is the Good Citizenship Award.

With millions and millions of people in a country, how do you distinguish the good citizens from the average citizens? What are the factors to consider in order for one to qualify for such award? What do you award good citizens with for being good citizens? Let’s find out.

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Certificate of Appreciation

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What is a good citizen and what is a good citizenship award?

To begin let us first start by defining what a good citizen is. A good citizen is a member of a society who does things with respect. They treat other people with respect, they respect and honor the authority, and most importantly they respect the environment they live in.

A good citizen is someone with respect and is able to extend their respects to everything and everyone that surrounds them. Let us define what a good citizen is on four different criterias: for self, for other people, for the authority, and for the environment.

For self

A good citizen is inherently a good person, although sometimes being good can be worked on, for as long as he or she has a heart of gold. Other than being a good individual, one possesses the qualities that enable them to contribute to their society in a macro level. With that said, a good citizen is well educated.

A good citizen is not to be intellectually superior to others, so to make good decisions and to be equipped with information. Also, with a good education, a good citizen lands better jobs, in turn, contributing more to the economy. To add, a good citizen is always fully informed of the latest and most recent news that affects his or her area.

For other people

A good citizen is someone who is able to grasp the idea that everyone is uniquely different and is able to treat people the way they should be treated. But more than that, they are people who extend their respect to others and their properties. A good citizen is someone who knows how to listen to other people’s opinions and thoroughly thinks about what he or she has to say.

With that said, a good citizen is someone who is sensitive to the feelings of others. Also, a good citizen is someone who is generous in helping those in need or those not in the position to help themselves. Helping others can be in many different forms, it can be through volunteer work, charitable donations, or even just the simple act of giving.

Appreciation Certificate Sample

Appreciation Certificate Templates

For the authority

A good citizen is diligent in following the laws and regulations imposed by the government in his or her community because when one does, he or she is helping maintain the peacefulness in the area. A good citizen has respect for officials running the country, respect for them as a person and for their tireless efforts to maintain peace and orderliness in the community.

A good citizen always practices his or her right to vote, not only on major elections but on every election possible. This way, he or she is speaking up as a member of the society and in a way also demanding for tangible changes to happen.

For the environment

A good citizen is able to maintain the cleanliness and the peacefulness of his or her environment. A good citizen knows how to properly manage his or her waste by disposing each trash under its correct category. With that said, a good citizen is concerned about the well-being of the environment, thus doing precautionary steps to mitigate the gravity of the current environmental situation. Also, a good citizen has the initiative to clean their surroundings even in the simplest gesture as picking up liters in order to help maintain the cleanliness.

Moreover, a good citizen stays away from troubles and chaos to uphold and reinforce the peacefulness of his or her area. One should know that disrupting the tranquility of a community means disrupting the very essence of being a good citizen.

A Good Citizenship award is an award given to an individual who exemplifies what it is being a good citizen in a society under different circumstances. It is an award that recognizes the efforts of an individual in respecting others, the authority, and the environment. This award is most common within schools, awarding students who possess the qualities of dependability, leadership, and patriotism.

Certificate of Appreciaton Sample

Appreciation Certificate Example

Easy Simple Multipurpose Certificate

How does one become a good citizen?

You are lucky if your parents instilled to you positive traits when growing up. Although one does not have to be perfectly good or be a model-citizen to the most extent, one should just be cautious enough to know the difference between the wrong from the right. So, depending on the broad definition of a good citizen, here is how an individual can become one:

  1. Work on your negative traits.
  2. Be respectful, if not at all times, at least at most times.
  3. If you learn to respect people, learn to respect what is theirs.
  4. Participate in charitable works.
  5. Obey the rules imposed by those in a higher position than you.
  6. Inform or educate yourself about the events happening around you.
  7. Always have compassion.
  8. Learn to listen.
  9. Always think before you speak.
  10. Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  11. Protect and conserve the environment in ways you can.

What is the best way to present a Good Citizenship award?

The best way to present a Good Citizenship award is by means of a certificate because it validates and legitimizes the idea of honoring an individual. Certificates are more personal as well, considering that one can put an individual’s name in such a medium.

So, if you are planning to award someone with a Good Citizenship Award, maybe it is best you consider going for a certificate, for the reason that certificates allow you to put information such as the name of the recipient, name of the company you work for, signatures of the people in a higher position, and so on, to fully legitimize and validate the award.

Certificate .4

Multipurpose Certificate GD051

Clean Certificates

Where can one get a Good Citizenship Award certificate?

The ideal option for getting your very own Good Citizenship Award is by buying one that is pre-made and readily available online. This is because, compared to its other counterparts, buying a pre-made certificate actually costs a lot less and is as effective as those others. A pre-made certificate has an array of options depending on what your preference is.

With that said, depending on what design you opt for, a certificate is capable of showcasing the very same characteristics your company, school, or organization has. It can be fun or serious, it can also be sophisticated or luxurious, all the while being enveloped with professionalism.

Also, with a pre-made certificate, it enables you to tailor it to your preference as it is saved in a file that is very easy to edit and customize. It also comes with a smart object layer that will allow you to move around elements in the design creating a more personalized certificate. To also note, all of these pre-made certificates come in two different options to choose from, you can either go for a portrait or a landscape certificate, depending on your preference.

Certificate .5

Certificate .6

Being a good citizen sometimes really pays off, with the Good Citizenship Award, good citizens across countries can know that their efforts in being a good member of their community. Truly, respect and obedience can get you somewhere.

Treating others with respect, respecting authority and the environment, obeying the imposed rules and regulations, and just simply being inherently good are the factors considered in being a good citizen. And the best way to recognize these individuals is by handing them an award.

If you found this article helpful in any way, bookmark this page for future references. And kindly share this with other seeking the best Good Citizenship Award certificates.

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