40 Outstanding Android PSD Templates Collection

So if you’re on the lookout for your next big app design, here a few PSD templates to help you along the way.

Android GUI PSD V 1.0

The template is based on the idea inspired from teehan+lax. The template features all necessary elements for app creation along with element from previous android versions, and comes complete with application mock-ups.

Android 1.5 GUI

The template offers complete range of highly customizable PSD images and other developer elements for instant app creation. The PSD files and images contain everything from home display images to icons to be used in the design.

Adobe Fireworks template for Android 1.5

Built on the fireworks framework, the template contains all the elements pertaining to Android 1.5. The package also includes elements from the previous versions, and contains numerous PSD files for easy customization and reuse. The PSD files just need to be opened and infinite number of mockups can be created.

Android GUI PSD v2.0

The upgrade to the previous version, this template feature some advanced elements along with android 1.5 elements. The template favors a GUI that enables an open source community.

Android 2.1 GUI templates

The template version created specifically for the 2.1 version of the Android platform contains necessary images and creation element for application development. The version is an upgrade from v 2.0 but still contains all elements of the version as well.

Android 2.1 Wireframe stencil (Omnigraffle)

The stencil set with the wireframe omnigraffle set contains all the necessary PSD templates for creating ultimate user interface design wireframe for Android applications. The stencil set can also be used to creating elements in HTC sense UI and Samsung Touchwiz.

Android 2.2 GUI

The PSD templates contained in the GUI kit is apt for creating application in the 2.2 version of Android platform. The templates are easily customizable and can be used to create a variety of apps with the pre-installed set elements.

Android 2.3 GUI

The more popular version of the Android interface has lot of creation templates available for it as well. This set of PSD templates has all the necessary files and fonts required for app creation.

Android 2.3 GUI set

The templates were originally designed by web design shock, which contain a plethora of PSD templates that include elements, icons, editable Photoshop images and lot more. This huge bundle contains all the necessary PSD files you will ever need for app creation.

Android 2.3 Omnigraffle stencil

Created by Zurb the stencil set is based upon the HTC thunderbolt and Android 2.3 framework. The template contains all the necessary elements from toolbars, call icons to keyboards for instant app creation. Also the bundle comes with plenty of customizable PSD files as well.

Android 3.0 Omnigraffle wireframe stencils

The template was originally built with the specs based on the Motorola Zoom tablet which is a notch higher than the Android 3.0 specs. Hence you can imagine the type of quality elements you will find with the template. The PSD files contain everything from dialogue boxes to custom keyboard and also some useful widgets.

Android GUI PSD by Chris Brummel

The template has many features yet to be added to it, but nevertheless has plenty to enable a complete app creation. The template is inspired from the iPhone PSD with the same basic elements and built-in vectors.

Android GUI PSD Vector Kit

The template features the UI elements redrawn into vector images, labeled alphabetically in android vocabulary. The fireworks template also has all the necessary elements of the previous versions.

Google Android Omnigraffle stencil

The stencil set for Android programming application contains all the necessary elements and preset templates for complete app creation.

Android Sketch Stencil version 1.0 for Omnigraffle

The stencil template contains the necessary elements to suit designers who are more inclined toward functionality of the app rather than the form.

Android 2.2 GUI

The template contains PSD kits for application using Android Froyo elements that are stored as vector images. The PSD enables quick creation of the Android UI applications.

Android 4.0 UI

The PSD contains the latest in android UI application development with the newly added elements and advanced functionalities. As the elements are released by Android itself, it’s surely something to look out for.

Official android 4.0 stencils

The stencil set and Photoshop templates come directly from the Android market, hence will be completely compatible with the app creation. Though not highly customizable there is a plethora of elements for you to take advantage from.

Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich UI

The template features all the necessary PSDs for app creation in the ice cream sandwich platform. The PSD comes in two different shades, light and dark, and with all the necessary elements and icons.

Android 4.0 ICS GUI design kit

The extended version of the template contains plenty of additional elements in the PSD format including a login page, admin panel and much more. The elements are also easily customizable in the PSD form.

Official Android 4.0 Action bar icons

The template contains all the required PSD elements for you app creation needs. The Photoshop files are fully customizable and complete with icons, fonts and mockup previews.

Android 4.0 Default icons

The PSD template contains effective elements for android widget creation, right from analogue clock widgets to calendar. The Photoshop widget templates are completely customizable and can be changed according to your need.

Galaxy nexus PSD mockup

Photoshop Android GUI set

Android Widgets

Android Music App mockup

Android Galaxy Nexus 3 Mockup PSD

Android 2.3.4 PSD GUI mockup

Android UX Tester Mockup Usability Stencil

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