How to Create a Product Catalog [10+ Templates]

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Need to know how to create compelling product catalogs for your business or organization? Then this article is for you. Here, we share a comprehensive guide on catalog-making along with multiple downloadable catalog templates to try out.

7 Steps to Make a Good Product Catalog

Catalogs are an easy and fun way to present product and service information in one printed form. However, in order to get profitable leads from your digital or printed catalogs, learning how to make them compelling and engaging enough is a skill that any entrepreneur should learn. Read and study each step below so that you can learn how to achieve making effective product catalogs.

Step 1: Decide on a suitable catalog theme.

The cardinal step in making an effective product catalog is to choose a design theme that coincides with your marketing campaign and business type. To illustrate, if you are making a catalog for an RTW retail store, it is best to choose a fashion-centric theme. Choosing a good theme also means choosing the right color schemes, typography styles, and even the tone of your ad copy.

Step 2: Choose an organized layout.

Next, it’s time to select a professional catalog format or layout that will allow you to present information in a logical and effective manner. Feel free to experiment with different layout types until you find one that gives you the best conversion rates.

Step 3: Compile all product images.

The next step is to start compiling the actual photos of the different products that you intend to include in your catalog. Hire a professional photographer and use only high-quality photos. This increases the perceived value of the products that you are selling.

Step 4: Write down all product descriptions and/or sales copy.

Do not forget to craft engaging and accurate product descriptions for your products. Hire a professional copywriter if you need to. Or, just make sure that all your sales copy are written in accordance with your brand identity and advertising goals.

Step 5: Download a product catalog template.

To simplify the catalog creation process, download and use a pre-made product catalog template. When you use these templates, you do not have to worry about the layout, theme, and other design elements since it will all be built into the template.

Step 6: Customize and add branding elements.

After that, start customizing your catalog template using your preferred graphic design software programs. Do not forget to add your business branding elements like your business logo or letterhead design. This aids in increasing brand awareness. Once the template customization process is completed, save the final product catalog template file in your computer or in a flash drive.

Step 7: Print on high-quality paper.

The last step is to print out your product catalogs. As a type of an advertising catalog, product catalogs tend to generate more interest from prospective customers when they are printed on high-quality paper. Ask your local printing professional for various catalog printing options that they offer.

10+ Product Catalog Templates

Take your business to new heights when you download and use any of the editable product catalog templates embedded below. These templates are also available in various file formats like Adobe Photoshop (PSD), InDesign (INDD), Microsoft Publisher (PUB), and Word (DOC).

1. Fashion Portfolio Product Catalog

fashion-portfolio-product-catalog-template Download

Starting your own fashion house or small dress shop? If yes, then the Fashion Portfolio Product Catalog Template (shown above) will suit your business marketing goals. This catalog template design is best printed on A4 paper sizes — just the right paper size for a quick coffee table read.

2. Home Decor Product Catalog Template

home-decor-product-catalog-template Download

For those who are interested in creating a graphic-heavy product catalog, try out the Home Decor Product Catalog Template (mock-up shown above). Make sure to use high-resolution photos since this catalog mostly features full-page product guides. This template can also work as an interior design catalog.

3. Home Product Catalog Design

home-product-catalog-template Download

Use the Home Product Catalog Template featured above if you prefer to create a comprehensive catalog of a few home products that your business offers. Just like other catalog templates, you can personalize the template to match your official business colors and design theme. This kind of catalog template design may also work well as a product manual template.

4. Interior Design Product Catalog Template

interior-design-product-catalog-template Download

Running an architecture business, interior design firm, or home design blog? If yes, then the Interior Design Product Catalog Template (shown above) may be the product catalog template design you are looking for. This template is available for download in multiple file formats like Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Publisher (PUB), and Apple Pages.

5. Multipurpose Product Catalog Template

multipurpose-square-product-catalog-template Download

If you did not yet find the right product catalog template design, then the Multipurpose Square Product Catalog Template (featured above) may be the one. This printable template is versatile enough to be used in various industries and lines of business. For example, you may use it as an architecture catalog template or as a restaurant product catalog.

6. Jewelry Product Catalog Example

jewelry-catalog-template Download

Looking for a free product catalog template? Then you will like the Jewelry Product Catalog Template shown above. To use this template effectively, make sure that you add high-resolution images and an accurate price list. Tip: Do not forget to make your catalog cover sheet design as attractive as possible.

7. New Fashion Product Catalog

new-fashion-catalog-template-in-publisher Download

The best catalogs are those that read and look like your celebrity gossip magazine. If you intend to get the same effect for your own product catalogs, then try out the New Fashion Product Catalog Template shown above. Experiment with different catalog theme colors until you find one that gives you the best business results.

8. Product Catalog Template

product-catalog-template-in-publisher Download

The Product Catalog Template embedded above is the ideal catalog template for business owners who are looking for an organized catalog layout without sacrificing design aesthetics. This printable catalog template comes with everything you need to make a good product catalog. Just do not forget to craft an equally engaging ad copy for each product you are featuring.

9. Sales Product Catalog Design

sales-catalog-template-in-publisher Download

If your goal is to get a sale out of every person who reads your product catalog, then check out the Sales Product Catalog Template featured above. This template combines both text and visual elements to create a clean sales pitch in written form. Check out the rest of the printable template design to determine what things you can add to make it even more effective.

10. Service Product Catalog Template

service-catalog-template-in-psd Download

Beautifully designed and free product catalog templates are hard to come by. So if you are in the market for one, then take a look at the Service Product Catalog Template embedded above. This template uses a block layout style coupled with clean typefaces. Feel free to reinvent the template design to match your business needs.

11. Minimalist Product Catalog Design

minimalist-product-catalog-template Download

The Minimalist Product Catalog Template shown above is the go-to product catalog template design for those who need a distraction-free and organized business catalog. This is perfect for those who are promoting products who follow a strict branding image.

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