Advanced HTML5/ CSS3 Templates- Templates with Advance Features

And HTML5 and CSS3 templates have helped us in a really big way to create our very own personalized websites. So here are a few top of the line HTML5 and CSS3 templates that even you can use to create that perfect website to suit your needs. You can also see News Channel HTML5 Website Templates.


Construction Company HTML5/CSS3 Website Template

construction company html5 website 788x10

HTML5 Theme

If you are on the lookout for a template that has a minimal design, then this template will definitely suit your needs. It comes equipped with an AJAX powered PHP contact form.


There are many blogging templates available in the market, but this one here is a bit better than the rest. It has a very clean design and layout, and it has been ported to WordPress, so the usability of this template reaches the farthest limits.

Simple Style 7

This template comes with a fixed width, but there are five pages that you can use for almost any purpose, and it even supports and uses Google Fonts.

Small Business

If you own a small business, then this template will help you set up shop online. It comes with a Services page and an about page, and can take your business profits through the roof.

This is a fun little template that has many features and will satisfy your every need. And the best part is that, this template comes with a tutorial when you download it.

One-Page Template

This template makes use of JQuery to slide from one page to another. It is a one page template, and is blue in color.


This template is the bomb when it comes to creating a website, because you will get almost endless customization options. There are a whopping six page templates, and it even has a homepage slideshow, and it comes fitted with social media integration. And the best part is that, you can even download the Photoshop PSD file.

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