9+ Attractive Vintage Ticket Templates – PSD, EPS

Vintage designs have always been popular. Each decade or period in time has its own unique characteristics and concepts which makes it distinct from another. In the world of graphic design, vintage themes are used often and show no signs of stopping.

Vintage themes have made their way to designs, specifically ticket designs. The great thing with ticket designs is that their popularity is just starting to rise, compared to vintage designs where they are seen everywhere. Pair the two together and you have something unique and flashy. Here are some of the best vintage ticket templates around.

Why use vintage designs?

They are attractive

Probably the most important reason why you should use vintage designs in your ticket designs is because they are attractive. Depending on the decade, vintage designs produce the most stunning art, and if they are paired with more contemporary or futuristic designs, they achieve a better result. For example, the 1970s with its hippie and psychedelic inspired designs are often used as party concepts today. Additionally, the 1930s diner and food shop designs are so popular that they are not only used as concepts for restaurants but in other graphic designs as well. Designers use vintage designs not only for nostalgia, but for their uniqueness and ability to easily draw attention.

They are timeless

Vintage fashion may come and go, but vintage designs (specifically graphic designs) are forever. To be honest, the 1990s produced one of the worst fashion decades in the history of fashion. The suits and ties from the 1930s were replaced with baggy shirts and jeans, overalls, tube tops, platform shoes, and chokers in the 1990s. But graphic design in the 1990s had a more different look and is still used in most designs today. The grunge design took center stage in the 1990s which is characterized by dirty stains and torn images. Designs from this decade also started to incorporate futuristic looks which have become the platform for modern designs today (i.e. the official poster of the 1999 sci-fi hit “The Matrix”).

In summary, vintage designs are timeless and the more you go back in time to choose a certain design, the more it looks attractive once you’ve made the design itself.

They are versatile

Vintage designs have been used in just about every form of print media such as posters, invitations, flyers, and business cards. Designs vary from the very casual shag rug, tie-dye, and paisley from the 1960s to the the very formal royal family themes in 16th- and 19th-century Europe. There are designs for every occasion and all you need to do is to pick the one which suits your event the best.

Attractive vintage ticket templates

Retro Vintage Ticket Collection


This collection of templates is comprised of tickets originally used for admission in cinemas and amusement parks. Despite being edited for party invitations, various elements can be seen in this template collection. One template uses an image of a small horn gramophone vinyl player, one of the very first music-playing devices ever created. If you’re into music, a golden small horn vinyl player is used as the logo of the Grammy awards, and a miniature small horn is given to the award winners.

Also, carnival-style art is seen in the backgrounds of most of the templates as carnival-inspired designs add to the vintage effect of tickets. Additionally, one template uses an old school video camera as the central image of the template.

Polka Dots Vintage Ticket

01  e1507801782547

This is also another highly recommended vintage ticket template as it uses a combination of old school and modern designs. The pink text used in the event details match the polka dot filled background. Polka dots, which originated in the 1800s are common designs in clothes and are also used for wrapping designs in food products and gifts.

Music Night Retro Ticket

2  e1507801765580

Nice color combinations which are matched with vintage font styles have the best-looking designs, like this music night retro ticket template. The event details are highlighted in blue bold text taken from the 1980s and 1990s and is complemented with an aggressive red background.

Vintage Circus Ticket

circus ticket

This vintage circus design template uses some nice images and font styles. Images of circus performers and circus tents provide the main attraction of this template. Just like a real circus, this circus template is both inviting and amusing. The first circus events were held during the 1700s in England and this template resembles the circus events held during that time.

Chalkboard Retro Ticket

mokcup 01  e1507801740247

This vintage chalkboard template uses old school fonts written in the very popular chalkboard background. A bar code design is also added on the left-hand side for added visual appeal. Chalkboard designs gained popularity a few years ago and have been used in graphic designs ever since. The black or green board design with chalk erasures provide the perfect background for any font style and image to be used. Similar to vintage designs, chalkboard designs are very versatile and can be used for any occasion and event.

The combination of a chalkboard background and vintage style fonts will attract the attention of the ticket recipients and the design alone will surely convince them to attend your event.

Cinema Fest Retro Ticket

t1  e1507801691785

This cinema fest retro ticket uses a carnival performer image in black-and-white. A popcorn image is also incorporated in this cool retro ticket template. The popcorn and carnival performer images brings out another layer in this ticket template.

Stylish Retro Ticket

1 2 e1507801816587

This stylish template uses a combination of vintage and contemporary designs which makes it more attractive. The punk/grunge font styles used in the event details complement the colorful hexagon shapes in the background. This beautifully designed template is highly recommended and should be used for any event.

Sweet 16 Retro Ticket

screenshot from 2017 10 12 17 37 54 e1507801731820

This vintage design template uses 1960s and 1970s inspired font styles and colors. Light colors were mostly used in patterns and other designs during those two decades with the designs focusing more on having a “groovy” and “hippie” vibe. This sweet 16 themed birthday invitation can be mistaken for an old school invitation due to its authentic vintage look. An off-white color is used in the background with lighter shades of blue and red occupying the other areas of the template.

This template is not limited for vintage-themed parties as it can be used for any theme and for any event.

Vintage Engagement Party Invitation

screenshot from 2017 10 12 17 38 34 e1507801715419

This vintage engagement party invitation uses a combination of vintage concepts and produces a magnificent vintage ticket template. An image of a small horn vinyl player complements well the Art Nouveau and Art Deco inspired font styles. The design also uses an old paper surface with thick brown borders.

Vintage Wedding Invitation

screenshot from 2017 10 12 17 38 50 e1507801701553

Vintage designs also fit formal events, especially weddings, like this vintage wedding invitation template. This invitation has a classic Western-themed design complete with Western font styles, and stamp and deer antler images. The deer antler represents the deer as a spiritual animal since deer are usually associated with piety and devotion. If you are planning to host a wedding anytime soon then, this wedding invitation template is highly recommended.

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