Best 35+ Outstanding PowerPoint Presentation Templates

For a long time, people have been using PowerPoint in making their presentations, whether at school, workplace, or for entertainment. These templates have been used to disseminate information in all areas, including churches.

However, most people can only use it in its basic form, thereby making their presentations rather drab. However, you do not to spoil the effect of your work, by using the basic templates that come with the program.

The Internet has several sites where you can download premium and free templates. Here is a collection of 45 templates that you can use for your next presentation.

1) Left Side Navigation PTT Template

  • 33664435

This is a professional template that uses a computer screen as the background. This gives the impression of looking at another screen in the computer.

2) Modern Agency Presentation

  • 5795823

This is a template suitable for an agency. It comes with all the design source files, so you can add your own variations.

3) BIGIdea PowerPoint Presentation

  • 57817659

This is another template that you can modify; add your own photos, text, fonts, etc to make a unique presentation.

4) Wiked Template With Footer

  • 52142249

Also uses a computer screen as the template background, but this one comes with a footer section where you can add small notes, and highlight salient points.

5) Black, Strong Presentation

  • 73029786

This is a professional template designed for the power-businessman or woman. It has a bold theme and seems to indicate power.

6) Fresh Creative

  • 58205238

This is a fun template that gives the viewer the impression that everything is written on a chalk board. The boards come in colors of green and black.

7) Elegant Portfolio Presentation

  • 21861128

This is an animated elegant template that is easy to customize. It has a minimalist design.

8) Business Presentation Template

  • 26139362

This is a template for businesses that do not need a lot of frills in their presentation.

9) Graphik Point Presentation Template

  • 77669858

A template that comes with 32 slides, and easy to customize. The icons are based on fonts thereby helping to keep the files size small.

10) Elegant PowerPoint Presentation

  • 43788694

This is a template set with 14 slides, and is compatible with all versions of PowerPoint since 2007. This is because the set has 3 different zip files, one for every version.

11) Going Green PowerPoint Template

  • 57411746

If you are working on an environmental project, then this is the template to get. It has all green icons to depict environmental conservation. It also has a leaf theme which is brought together well, to give a powerful presentation.

12) Vintage PowerPoint Template

  • 39182518

This is a template that should be in the arsenal of every corporate entity. It is great for a wide variety of dissemination media on the web, broadcast channels, and board room projectors.

13) Social Media Presentation Template

  • 63212112

This is great for anyone who is in the social media niche. It is great for giving research findings on the social media. It is editable, and can be customized.

14) Ika – Clean and Simple Presentation Template

  • 94718684

This is a template that has great animations and custom graphics. It is clean and stylish. It also has over 100 graphic elements to enhance your presentation.

15) NewVision PowerPoint Template

  • 86280649

Very professional template that does not have much frills, but is very appealing due to the choice of colors.

16) Marketbees PowerPoint Template

  • 59473578

This is a detailed template that is ideal for companies that deal with marketing, and marketing research. It can be adapted to fit most businesses in their marketing endeavors.

17) Rubicon PowerPoint Presentation Template

  • 6511919

This is a template that was designed for HD presentations. It has high resolution backgrounds that make the presentation leap out of the screen

18) SleekStyle Presentation

  • 11677324

Very clean design, with plenty of white space. This is ideal for a sleek business presentation.

19) Real Estate

  • 39146079

This is fresh and fun, and suitable for any business. It comes with bright colors and most of the graphics are from the real estate industry.

20) Alternative Energy

  • 35688495

This is great for an eco-consulting company. It can show the effects of poor environmental practices using this template. It is soft colored.

21) Craft Fair

  • 21402590

This is a great template for all things home-made. If you are attending a home craft expo, then this is the template to use to wow your visitors. You can also host it on a craft website.

22) Resort Travel

  • 21840710

This is a template themed along the travel industry. It is also great for holiday resorts to woo in visitors. The files are fully customizable so you can make any changes that you wish.

23) Venera night sky

  • 94988837

This is an abstract template which can be used to make presentations about the stellar space. It has a background that resembles the sky on a clear night. It can also be used by communications experts.

24) About The Pixels

  • 44302466

This is another abstract template that would be good for the creative arts. It has a fun theme, and will suits other areas such as information science.

25) Clean, Elegant presentation

  • 30120342

This is similar to some of the basic templates that come with PowerPoint, but there are some additional elements. It is great for in-house presentations amongst workers.

26) Professional animated PowerPoint template

  • 22215076

A simple template with a clean look, and comes with editable fonts.

27) Reliance Premium PPT template

  • 29143220

28) Marketing Plan Premium Quality PowerPoint Template

  • 2053810

29) Business Plan Premium Quality PowerPoint Template

  • 33276390

30) Accent Premium Quality PowerPoint Template

  • 78993517

31) Maxico Premium Quality PowerPoint Template

  • 6357493

32) Positive information Premium Quality PowerPoint Template

  • 66940825

33) iBusiness

  • 84789339

35) Elevation

  • 19083074

36) Copenhagen

  • 57819125

38) Bubbles

  • 40944202

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