65+ Best Christmas Decoration Templates & Examples

Decorating your room, house door, and your packaged Christmas gifts becomes something beyond the ordinary this Christmas as decoration templates for Christmas Templates are here to win your heart.

Templates come to you in the form of black and white figures of anything and everything associated with Christmas, or belonging to the category of frequently used decorative shapes.

There are so many ways to use these templates in different ways that your creativity is going to have ample room for losing control!

Never before ease of decoration with Christmas themed templates

Use standard Christmas theme shape templates such as stars, balloons, candles, angel, gift boxes, etc. and print these out to prepare a decent enough standard design assets library that you can access when the real decorations get under way.

Not only are these templates perfect for being used as tracing papers, which can further be leveraged to draw beautiful looking Christmas shapes on paper, but also prove to useful when coloured digitally and then printed on quality paper.

Bring forth your creativity, riding on these superb templates

What’s more, you can cut out these basic Christmas decoration shapes along the thick black edges when you have them printed out, stick them on cardboard and use as needed.

Enhancing your home made crafts and DIY arts for this Christmas becomes easy enough, all courtesy the easy availability of these decoration templates.

Here’s the best part – you can experiment with pre-coloured and black and white, simple and intricately designed, standard and creatively made, modifiable and ready to use, and pretty much every kind of Christmas decoration template to bring about some style and differentiation to the way you decorate your décor this Christmas.

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Beautiful Christmas Boll

  • 3419

Christmas Decoration Template

  • christmas decoration1

Christmas Decorating Things in Blue

  • 1320

Christmas Toys Decoration

  • christmas toys decoration

Wall Clock Christmas Decoration

  • wall clock christmas decoration

Christmas Candles

  • 1126

Christmas Decorating Items

  • 1021

Christmas Decoration

  • christmas decorations6

Christmas Ornament for Decoration

  • christmas ornaments2

Christmas Festive Decoration

  • christmas festive background

Christmas Decorating Star and Boll

  • 1518

White & Green Christmas Tree Decoration

  • white green christmas tree decoration

Different Christmas Decorations

  • 38 christmas decorations

Upcycled Christmas Decoration

  • upcycled christmas decorations

Christmas Decoration Vintage

  • christmas decorations vintage

Christmas Decoration Template

  • christmas decoration2

Beautiful Christmas Decoration Template

  • christmas decoration template2

Retro Christmas Decoration Bright Coloured Balls

  • retro christmas decoration

Christmas Decorations Template

  • christmas decoration3

Christmas Decoration Woodland Dark

  • christmas decoration woodland dark

Christmas Decorations and Trees

  • christmas decoration4

Christmas Decoration Border

  • christmas decoration7

Christmas Decoration

  • christmas decoration8

Christmas Decoration Template

  • christmas decoration9

Christmas Decoration Set

  • christmas decoration set 03

Gift Christmas Sock Decorated

  • gift christmas sock decorated

Snowman With Christmas Greeting and Decoration

  • snowman with christmas greeting and decoration

22 Christmas Decorations

  • vector set of 22 christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations on a Tree

  • christmas decorations on a tree

Decorating Items with Candle

  • 1225

Christmas Decorating

  • 924

Christmas Tree and Candy for Decoration

  • 822

Christmas Decoration to Hang

  • 730

Christmas Lighting Decoration

  • 658

Christmas Snow Doll Decoration

  • 4104

Christmas Decoration

  • 3108

Christmas Decorating Things

  • christmas decoration5

Christmas Decorating Things

  • 3519

Beautiful Bolls For Decoration

  • 3818

Christmas Decoration with Christmas Bauble

  • christmas decoration with christmas bauble

Decorating Things for Christmas

  • 3918

Christmas Decoration Template

  • 4015

Lovely Bella For Your Christmas Decoration

  • 4123

Christmas Decoration In Red

  • christmas decoration6

Christmas Bolls in Red

  • 3618

Decorating Bells and Bolls for Christmas

  • 3717

Christmas Decoration with Bolls and Green Grass

  • 2108

Christmas Bolls for Decoration

  • 1106

Christmas Decoration

  • christmas decorations3

Christmas Santa Coloring Page

  • 3319

Christmas Candle Coloring Page

  • 3221

Christmas Bell Decorating Template to Color

  • 3124

Christmas Candy Coloring Page

  • 3020

Christmas Doll Template

  • 2920

Laughing Santa Template to Color

  • 2820

Reindeer Template to Color

  • 2722

Simple Reindeer Template

  • 2618

Cute Little Reindeer Template

  • 2520

Happy Santa Template

  • 2420

Coloring Things of Christmas

  • 2321

Simple Christmas Coloring Things

  • 2223

Simple Christmas Things

  • 2125

Christmas Template

  • 2019

Simple Template

  • 1920

Christmas Boll Template

  • 1819

Cute and Simple Christmas Template

  • 1718

Snow Doll Christmas Template

  • 5103

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