20+ Nail Design Ideas


When you are dressing to kill, consider adding some extra sparkle to your nails. Mix and match your nail art with your outfit, with the following design ideas ranging from soft and feminine to absolutely rad!

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Spring Cute Nail Design Idea

spring cute nail ideas

This nail design ideas do it yourself is very easy and you can create it yourself with any two contrasting nail colours. Paint your nails with pink and white alternately and let it dry. Then you may leave a two nails without any designs and for rest of your nails, draw geometric patterns, lines or shapes.Source

Nail Polish Design Idea for Short Nails

nail polish design idea for short nails

This lovely nail design idea for short nails is made for girls with short nails and you can easily make this design without any professional help. Take any matching colours like pearl white and pink, divide your nails vertically and colour each part with different colour.Source

Blue Color Block Nail Design Idea

blue color block nail design idea

This one is quite similar to the previous one. You will have to divide and paint your nails with two different colours. After it dries, take any nail paint that would contrast the base and make small dots with it.Source

Cool Nail Polish Design Idea

cool nail polish design idea

This nail design idea do it yourself is very easy and look gorgeous with all nail shapes. Pick up any nail colour that would form the base of this design. Apply two coats and let it dry. Then take three contrasting shades and a sharp brush with which you can draw straight lines, dots and swirls on your nails.Source

Easy Nail Art Design Idea

easy nail art design idea

This nail design idea for short nails is great if you want a nail art that would match your dress. Simply pick up any colour except black that would form the base of your design. After applying two coats you must let it dry and add black polka dots on the upper quarter of the nails.

Easter Nail Art Design Idea

easter nail art design idea

This nail design ideas for short nails are very cute and lovable. You can colour each of your nails with different light nail paints shade and add black polka dots on them. Also, if you are good at painting, you can create bunny faces on your nails.

Acrylic Nail Art Design Idea

acrylic nail art design idea

This nail design ideas do it yourself is very easy if you are well adept in painting floral patterns with sharp brush. You will have to select two shades of the same nail colour and create the base with the lighter shade. After it dries, draw floral patterns with the darker hue and tinge it with white.

Christams Nail Art Design Idea

christams nail art design idea

This nail art design is especially fit for Christmas time. You will have to take three nail paints of red, white and pale blue colour. Then paint two nails with white and the rest with blue and red. After that draw diagonals, snow flakes and different patters to manifest Christmas party time.

Halloween Nail Art Design Idea

halloween nail art design idea

This nail design ideas do it yourself requires two colours mainly black and orange. Paint your nails alternately with these two colours and after it dries away, add bony patterns, spider web designs and other gothic textures to imply an upcoming Halloween.

Gel Nail Art Design Idea

gel nail art design idea

This nail design idea for short nails is not at all complicated and you will just need two variants of gel nail paints for this creative design. Paint your nails with a solid base and once it dries, take the other glittery shade and paint it from the lower end to midway through the length of your nails.

Creative Nail Art Design

creative nail art design

For this nail design ideas do it yourself you will require three shades of gel nail paints and colour each of your nails with different paints. Then add horizontal lines, polka dots to two of your nails and leave the other three with their solid colours.

Almond Nail Art Design

almond nail art design

This nail design ideas do it yourself is very chic and unique. You will need a neutral shade, red and black for this nail art. First if all, colour all of your nails with the neutral base then fill in some parts of each nails with the red paint. In the remaining area, draw vertical or horizontal lines with black paint.

Cute Nail Art Design Idea

cute nail art design idea


Simple Stripes Nail Art Design Idea

simple stripes nail art design idea


Pointy Nail Design Idea

pointy nail design idea


False Nail Design Idea

fake nail design idea


French Nail Art Design Idea

french nail design idea


Some of the Coolest Nails Design Ideas Making the Rounds –

  • The simplest nail trick you can use is to choose a few complementary colors, like peach, blush, pale red, pink and alternate them on your nails. So simple, so chic!
  • You can coat your nails with a base color, and then use the back of a bobby pin to paint polka-dots on that. You can either do it with a single color, say for example white dots on red, or you can give your nails a colorful confetti effect, by painting multi-color dots on a pale base color.
  • To add a diva-like sparkle to your talons, stick some colorful rhinestones on them!
  • For all the romantics out there – you can paint a small red heart at one corner of each nail after coating them with a base color for an adorable Valentine’s Day look!
  • Here we are presenting Acrylic Nail Design ideas, Nail Art Design Ideas, Easy Nail Design Ideas, French Nail Design Ideas.

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