10+ Pencil Sketches

A sketchbook on one hand, a pencil on the other, a comfortable seat, a quiet and peaceful place with a scenic, relaxing environment is what every or most artists need to get inspiration. You sketch for a quick and informal drawing, typically done with a figurative art style, that is what we call sketch art.

A sketch is a rough design of what you want to present, it is a pictorial representation of thoughts, mental pictures or images in your mind. It is an idea or a concept and are often spontaneous and done using one or two different kinds of medium. Check out sketch vectors to view other sketch samples.

3D Pencil Sketch



Colorful Pencil Sketch



Pencil Landscape Sketch



Vintage Pencil Sketch



Black and White Pencil Sketch



Flower Pencil Sketch



A Pencil and a Sketchbook

A sketch is a freehand drawing oftentimes believed incomplete. It is a manifestation of an artist capturing spontaneous imagination and concepts by sketching into paper or sketchbook. Quite simply, it captures the moments and idea, much like a photograph but drawn by hand. It can be elaborate pieces of art that have been banking at the back of your minds, something you have planned, or something you want to be reminded of for later use. It is not designed to be detailed that gets every element down to the dot. Instead, it captures the essentials of your muse or subject—the overall form, perspective, volume, movement, and feeling.

There are different kinds of themes or specifics for sketching. There are animal sketches, flower sketches, face sketches, scenic sketches, etc. For sketching, it is always best to use a model that stays still and does not move, so most artists goes for scenic sketching and flower sketching.

When You Sketch

A sketch can be complete on its own right or it can be a preparation for a larger piece of art or just an idea of how your piece will look. Whether you are an aspiring artist or just doing sketching as a hobby, learning few basic tips is still important.

  • The right materials. Every artist needs their tools. In this case, the right pencil and fine art paper. No artist are able to create a piece if the materials they have are not something they are comfortable with nor will help them in expressing their artistic creativity conveniently into visual.
  • The muse. Every art needs a subject or a muse where the are is all surrounded to. Without such, the concept would be lost and the art would not be able to form to its fullest.
  • Draw lightly. There is no reason for you to draw heavily, sketching is mostly a draft and starting with light sketching and eventually drawing heavily to emphasize the details further at the end will help your sketch be more finely detailed.
  • Gesture drawing. Use continuous movements and connected lines to draw your concept or subject without looking at your paper. It can help you get a good idea of the basic forms and help to set a base for your final drawing.

Bird Pencil Sketch



Animal Pencil Sketch



Abstract Pencil Sketch



Love Pencil Sketch



Nature Pencil Sketch



If you enjoy sketches like fashion sketches, abstract sketches, flower sketches, etc., the samples provided in this article can all be downloaded for free for you to use as a reference material, if you find yourself needing needing a good one or if you just want to have a copy of one of our available art samples.

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