Funny Wanted Posters

Wanted posters are mostly used by the police to initiate a widespread search for an absconding criminal, but there are funny wanted posters. It could be a We Want You Poster to welcome a buddy in the friend circle or in some cases these are plain wanted posters- with the picture of the person and amusing lines to indicate his crime with jest. You may also use Poster Templates to create funny wanted poster designs.

funny wanted posters

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Sample Cartoon Funny Wanted Poster Template

cartoon funny wanted poster template
The cartoon funny wanted poster template is a really hilarious wanted poster template that shows a fat person with a weird looking thin face looking at the mirror with wanted written on it.

Funny Christmas Santa Claus Wanted Design Poster

funny santa claus wanted poster download
Funny Santa Claus Wanted Poster depicts Santa Claus is the wanted person for breaking into houses at night and entering them without taking permission during Christmas. In this poster his many other names are also mentioned to make it easy to find him.


Mexican Artist Funny Wanted Poster Template

artist funny wanted poster template dowload
Artist Funny Wanted Poster Template is that of the mugshot of an old Wild West cowboy wanted funny cartoon poster, looking for a better artist. The poster dimensions are high-resolution 1900 pixels x 2269 pixels. This poster comes without watermark.

Blank Vector EPS Funny Wanted Poster Download

vector eps funny wanted poster download
The vector EPS funny wanted poster template is a simple looking wanted poster template. Just add a funny picture, add a funny caption to the poster and the template is ready.

Funny Animal Wanted Creative Poster Download

funny animal wanted poster download
The funny animal wanted poster template is used to mock friends and family. Just use a picture of an animal which resembles the friend and makes fun of him or her.

Marshall Funny Wanted Creative Poster Template

marshall funny wanted poster template
The Marshall funny wanted poster template is a simple wanted poster template that uses an ugly looking picture of the person and add a contrasting quote to make it funny.

Funny Cat Wanted Poster with Reward Download

funny cat wanted poster download
The funny cat wanted poster uses a wanted poster template that looks tattered. Just add a picture of a funny looking cat, add an ironic quote and the poster template is ready.

Funny Guitar Player Wanted Poster Download

funny guitar player wanted poster download
Funny Guitar Player Wanted Poster template is a completely editable vector illustration, which you can as a funny replica of all the guitar players who play the guitar very loudly. And that the poster represent them wanted for doing so.

Funny Custom West Wanted Poster Example

funny custom wanted poster template
Funny Custom Wanted Poster Template is a smooth surface and matte finish. The sizes range from 4 x 6 inches of 600 pixels x 900 pixels up to 24 x 36 inches of 3600 pixels x 5400 pixels. It is fully editable; You can add your image and comes with clean sharp images with beautiful colours of your choice.

Funny Savings Wanted Poster Template Download

funny savings wanted poster template download
Funny Savings Wanted Poster Template is of the portrait of a classic piggy bank, which symbolizes home finances and in search for success in finance. The poster designed in old grunge vintage western wanted poster that has bullet holes makes a funny poster.

Schrodingers Cat Funny Wanted Simple Posters

schrodingers cat funny wanted posters
Schrodinger’s Cat Funny Wanted Posters is the cat image of the scientist Schrodinger, who is gone missing while experimenting a science project. Here, is the funny wanted dead or alive poster of that feline. It is of smooth surface with matte finish.

Mugshot Dog Funny Wanted Basic Poster Template

mugshot dog funny wanted poster template
Mugshot Dog Funny Wanted Poster Template depicts a cute sad faced pug dog posing for a mugshot wanted for being a bad dog. It is available from extra small size of 480 x 480 pixels up to TIFF size of 7671 x 7669 pixels.

The funny wanted posters PDF often come up with “wanted for being smoking hot” or “wanted for being too cute” and so on. If you want, you can even create a vintage look with the old wanted or west wanted posters. You may also like Wanted Poster Templates