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5+ Printable Fan Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Climate change has no plans in going back to its former self, thanks to us. We have angered mother nature with our actions that instead of healing her, we are slowly cooking her inside a planetary oven. The heat is excruciatingly painful as it touches our skin. In tropical countries, the sensation is doubled or tripled, even. The sunscreen that you have applied on will never be absorbed because it’s only going to slip through your skin. Planning to wear makeup? Make sure that you don’t bask under the sun for more than a minute if you don’t want it to melt on your face.

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The climate these days have indeed reached a point where heat is hardly tolerable. Electricity bills go up because air conditioners and other ventilation devices are always turned on for most of the day. Because of this, people turn to manual ventilation and use fans to minimize the electricity consumption. You can see fans everywhere, but more often than not, they are also seen in events where areas have little to no ventilation except for the natural breeze passing through. That is why the organizers and hosts of the event give out paddle fans for their guests to fan themselves. If you are looking for paddle fan designs, you can take a look at the list of fan templates that we curated below.

Purple Funeral Printable Fan Template

Cherry Funeral Printable Fan Template

Vintage Funeral Printable Fan Template

Royal Funeral Printable Fan Template

Wedding Program Printable Fan Template

What are Printable Fan Templates?

You probably have seen a fan being used when heat is too much to bear and when your body is heavily soaked with sweat. Sweating profusely gives discomfort that urges us to cool our bodies down either in front of a freezer or an electric fan. This sounds perfect if you are just only staying inside a room, but you can’t say the same thing when you are attending an event that’s held in an open space or places with minimal ventilation, like a church or an open field.

The organizers of weddings usually prepare wedding fans with the program of the event written on it for practical reasons. The fans are shaped depending on the preference of the couple or what they have agreed with their planner. The design for the fan follows the motif or theme of the wedding, which can be seen in the church or wedding reception.

A printable fan template is just like any other digitally file for printable cards, menus, business cards, and flyers. The templates contain graphical design elements that can be easily edited by using a photo editing software application. Various graphic designers create these templates and they upload them to different sites that sell their works at a reasonable price. You can print these templates on a cardboard or any paper material that’s hard or sturdy enough to be used as a fan.

Since these printable fan templates are digital files, you can edit the layout to give way to contents like the program of the event or a picture of someone. Doing so would save you a significant amount of resources that you are supposed to allocate for printing these materials. It’s a tip that you should take note of.

Simple Printable Fan Template

What events can the fan be used for?

1. Weddings / Baptisms

The heat inside churches can sometimes give your sweat glands the unnecessary workout. And since churches don’t have that provide that much ventilation, you have to rely on something more than just the natural wind. As the hosts for the wedding or baptism, you can offer your guests a paddle fan so they can avoid sweating too much.

2. Festivals

Festivals are usually held in open spaces, and the combined heat from the bodies of the overwhelming crowd and the sun can soak the clothes that will make you look like you’ve gone swimming. Although the paddle may not give you as much breeze as an electric fan or air conditioner, at least it would help ease the discomfort a bit.

On the business side, you can sell paddle fans inside the festival grounds. More often than not, people don’t bring their own fans and buy ones near them instead. This is a great opportunity to gain a lot of profit with the huge crowds during festivals.

3. School Activities

School activities are usually held in the gym because in most cases, it’s the biggest closed-space area in the campus. There isn’t much ventilation provided in the gym, so you better bring one of your own. Also, the same thing can be said in school activities that require you to be under the sun for a period of time. You can use the fan yourself or use the fan to give yourself a little shade.

4. Outdoor Activities

One of the most common outdoor activity that you can see people bringing fans is during a field games such as football or baseball. Since these games are usually played during sunny or cloudy days, you should not rely on nature’s gracious wind and start fanning yourself until you feel comfortable enough.

5. Funerals

Funerals can also be a sweat zone, so it would be best to have a paddle fan when you attend it. And, if you are part of the bereaved family, you can use the fan as a memorial program. This will save you the effort on printing multiple copies for the program. You can also put in the picture of your beloved together with the program.

6. Campaign

Campaigns are exhausting and are mostly done parading your way through the streets. Even if you have something to shield yourself from the blinding light of the sun, you still won’t be able to escape from the its impretinent heat. During campaigns, you will see two items that people commonly have with them: visors and paddle fans. So, if you are thinking of campaign materials to give to your supporters and voters, have paddle fans rather than the usual flyers or whatever gimmick that have though of.

What content can you put on the fan?

The size of the fan is large enough to contain any kind of content that you can think of. Check out the list of some of the things that you can include in the design of the fan:

1. Program

This is common especially for events like weddings and baptisms. Rather than using all the space in the layout for spawning a lot of graphical elements, why not use them for something informative? The program of the event is usually printed separately. But, if you are planning to distribute fans to the guests, you can put the program of the event on both sides of the fan. You can save up resources allotted for printing the program and at the same time, you can make it as a souvenir for the event.

2. Invitation

You can always think of gimmicks for the invitation, and if you are practical and are thinking of the welfare of your guests, you can double the fan as more than just a material for ventilation but also as an invitation. The guests can bring the fan as proof of invitation and use it in case they feel like they need a slight breeze to cool things down.

3. Advertisements / Political Campaigns

Using fan as a gimmick for advertising your business is one way of ensuring you will be able to introduce your products and services to prospective customers. Who doesn’t want a fan when the world punishes us with this painful heat?

The same thing can be said for political campaigns. To ensure that your name and face is embedded in every voter’s mind, you need to have something that they can look at every now and then. And what better than to give them paddle fans? People will likely use it often especially if they are helping you in your campaign.

Prepare your fan!

There are many ways where you can use the fans for and there are many events where you can give out fans to make people feel comfortable even when they are under the unforgiving heat of the sun. A fan is a practical item that is used everywhere, so it is no wonder that it is in-demand especially in tropical countries.

If you are thinking of selling fans or simply giving them to your guests, you need to choose a design for it. In business, the design of the fan is important since people will most probably be keeping the fans and bring them to wherever they think it will be useful. With that said, you get to advertise your business through the fan when they are brought to different places by the owner.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the right design for your fan. Bookmark this page and share it with your family and friends so they would be aware about these beautiful printable fan designs and templates. We wish you all the best in your endeavors. Happy fanning!

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