38+ Best Fashion Illustrations with Different Styles

Illustrating fashion by means of drawing, sketch or any other activity is the latest trend in the market. The designer or fashion makers work their hard out for designing latest garments that most suited for the present market. Such garment then becomes the latest trend for the youths. Hence, these fashion illustration design templates are been made for advertising the trend setter for a particular fashion brand. Being precise and crisp these illustrations are of great help in informing people about the latest fashion.

Illustrations by the legendary fashion illustrator- Antonio Lopez are few of the most stylish illustrations which were featured in magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazzar, and Elle etc.

Istanbul based artist Mustafa Soydan has made really stylish illustration of what appears to be the cover of Harper’s with Miranda Kerr and second a cover of Vogue. The artist is known for making amazing and intricate fashion illustrations all of which take into consideration the mood and the desires of the artist.

The illustrations by Marcela Gutierrez are extremely stylish with the use of rich colours to depict the exact feeling of the fashion being communicated. The artist has done illustrations for fashion brands like Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and many more.

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Fashion Illustration Outfit Design

  • Outfit design

These templates are designed to illustrate designs that look pretty on everybody. With frock style dressing and vibrant colors used, these designs looks cool on any individual making them suitable for any occasion.

Fashion Illustration – Willams

  • Fashion Illustration

Designed by Willams, this classy looking stylish fashion illustration adds glamour to your wardrobe. Crafted with delicacy, this masterpiece is surely a show stopper in its own class. Suited mostly for fashionable women, it surely grabs everyone’s attention.

Fashion Outfit Design

  • outfit design1

Such outfits are designed through extensive research work. Made with fine craftsmanship, this outfit adds glamour to any party. Along with a stylish yet appealing hat, makes sure that you look good at any event.

Fashion Illustration by Sunny Gu

  • Fashion-Illustration-by-Sunny-Gu

Designed by Sunny Gu, these classy looking designs are a perfect blender of beauty and style. Such outfits are mostly suitable for ladies who like retro fashion, making them comfortable for any social event.

Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations

  • Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations

These outfits designed and crafted by the makers of Hayden Williams are a true example of professionalism. Suited mostly for metro culture, such outfit allows ladies to flaunt their style.

Robe De Linon Imprime Design

  • Robe de linon imprim

Such stylish fashion illustrations are crafted for those who like ancient culture. Inspired from ancient dressing styles, such outfits are a complete example of simplicity. Further these dresses are mostly popular in Chinese and French countries.

Fashion Illustration

  • Fashion Illustration

These elegant looking outfits are suitable for younger generation. Designed with latest trend these outfits are appropriate for social gathering events. Thus grabbing attention of every men present.

Fashion Girls set

  • Fashion Girls set

Suitable mostly for teen age girls, these funky looking outfits are the latest trend in the market. Loaded with vibrant color and different designs, this collection has outfits designed for each occasion.

Fashion illustration Girls

  • fashion illustration girls

Designed with simplicity, these outfits look excellent on nerdy girls, making them simple yet cool. Available in different color pattern and design these outfits find its way in every occasion.

Fashion Illustration Girls

  • girl

Fashion Illustration Design

  • tumblr

Made from extensive fashion research, these outfits are a true example of craftsmanship. The variety of colors and its unique design definitely makes them a class apart. Further such outfit ensures you to steal the show.

Fashion Design – La Vie est Belle

  • Fashion Design

Suitable for western culture, these eye-catchy designs looks cool on everyone. Further such outfits are made of simple light color with black pole dots which sets them a class apart.

Fashion Illustration – Gloria Radio

  • Fashion-Illustration-by-Gloria-Radio

Paper Fashion

  • fashion illustration

Designed by experts such outfits are been inspired from famous drawings. Made from soft and shiny material, these outfits are easy and comfortable to wear. Designed similar to a gown such outfits are suitable at marriage ceremonies.

Costumes Parisians Fashion Art Print

  • Costumes Parisiens

These stylish looking outfits are a new entry to the industry. Designed and crafted by western style experts, these outfits’ gives an entirely new look to the fashion industry. Suitable mostly young ladies, such collections are essential for every wardrobe.

Fashion Illustaration

  • Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration

  • Fashion-Illustration

Hayden Williams Fashion Illustration

  • Hayden Williams Fashion Illustration

Fashion Design Illustrations

  • Illustrations

Tommy Hilfiger Spring – Illustaration

  • tommy

Designed by famous fashion brand, this spring collection of stylish fashion illustration contains all outfits you need this season. Made by experts from Tommy Hilfiger, these outfit looks cool on every individual.

Fashion Designs & Interfaces

  • Fashion Designs

Fashion Girls travels the world

  • Fashion Girls travels the world

Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations

  • Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations

Fashion Illustration

  • Fashion-Illustration

Fashion Illustration Design

  • fashion design

Tao Okamoto – Fashion Illustration

  • tao

Stylish Illustrator

  • fashion illustrator

Fashion Design Illustrator

  • outfit

Busby Belle Design

  • la vie est belle1

Fashion illustration Girls

  • fashion illustration girls

Hayden Williams Fashion Illustration

  • tumblr

Fantasy Dress Auctions

  • Fantasy Dress Auctions

William’s Fashion Illustration

  • William's Fashion Illustration

Caroline Andrieu Fashion Illustration

  • Caroline Andrieu Fashion Illustration

Disney Gone Fashion

  • Disney Gone Fashion

Fashion Illustration- Hayden Williams

  • Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations

Disney Gone Fashion

  • Disney Gone Fashion

Dentelle De Soi


Miniskirt Suit Fashion Illustration

  • miniskirt_suit


Made and designed for creating fashion trend in the market, these industries play a vital role in developing the society. Everyone likes to look good, hence choosing an appropriate outfit for each individual is essential. Experts from all around the world have worked hard day and night for setting a new fashion trend that suits the audience, thus providing the world with some of the finest fashion illustrations.

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