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30+ Best Collection of Geometry Vectors, Icons and Shapes

Geometric shapes and figures have always been intriguing owing to the better alignment schemes and pronounced edges. These requirements have made the inclusion of Geometry vectors highly imperative to the cause of website refurbishment. Most of these vectors are free and available for downloads. You may also see Coordinate Geometry Worksheet Templates. Most suited for the abstract backgrounds, some of these high end vectors support the EPS format and make great banner designs possible. Best feature sets are up for grabs in the form of PSD support and exciting color combinations. Different geometric shapes can be experimented with, as polygons, spheres and many more orientations are supported.

Vector Set

vector set


school and college icons

Vector geometric shapes

geometric shapes by hand

Vector Set of Math Icons

math icons blue f
The Template shows the image of the mathematical diagram, graph, presentation, and chart. It also displays set of business icons with long shadow.

Set of school- instruments

set of school instruments

Geometry Icons

geometry icons
The template shows the image of a vector illustration and can be used for various layouts. The image is an .eps file and you will need a vector reviser to use this file, such as Adobe Illustrator.

stock vector geometry icons

stock vector geometry icons

Blue arrow icons

blue arrow icons

School Vector Education Icons

stock vector education icons
It shows the collection of flat design elements. It shows vector illustration of the divider, calculator, clip, pencil, microscope, pen, bulb, clip board, books, clock, lamp, globe, bus, etc.

Geometry by Inkmo


Geometry Rulers Vectors

geometry rulers vectors

Stock vector rulers

stock vector vector rulers

Geometric shapes vectors

geometric shapes vectors
This template shows geometry vector icons and shapes pack in vector art form. There are set of various icons for your graphic design projects. There are also Cool vector graphics to create conceptual branding, business communication, corporate artworks, alterable design elements, flower and star shapes, geometric demonstration, logotype images, and templates. License is CC 3.0 Attribution.

Lines and Cubes

lines and cubes

School and university outline icons

school and university outline icons

Geometry Icons

geometry icons copy
The template shows the image of a vector illustration and can be used for various layouts. The image is an .eps file and you will need a vector reviser to use this file, such as Adobe Illustrator.

Square icons

square icons
The image shows the vector model of colorful square icons isolated on white background. It has high resolution and it is layered. Vector EPS is used for the graphic files.

Stock Vector Sacred Geometry Icons

stock vector sacred geometry icons
This template displays trendy hipster icons and logotypes. The geometry icons are the symbols of religion, philosophy, spirituality.

Shapes in Perspective

shapes in perspective
It shows vector specimen of abstract icons and graphic design elements isolated on a white background.

Stock vector illustration of mathematics

stock vector illustration of mathematics
The template shows the geometric shapes and expressions. It shows maths icon symbols, engineering technology, and education drawings. It also shows math or physics drawings.


geometric shapes
The image shows free geometry vector icons and shapes graphics which is ready to use in the design. It can be used as eye-catching graphics, 3D renderings, print design, the motion graphics, the business cards, flyers, posters, or web design with this abstract outlook shapes pack. The abstract vector clip art collection contains 14 Illustrator format icons. License: CC Attribution 3.0.

Vector Set of Sketch GeometryIcons

vector set of sketch geometry icons

school and education icons

school and education icons

Sacred Geometry Custom Shapes

sacred geometry custom shapes
It shows complex designs, such as the flower of life, cube, as well as some basic polygon shapes to be played with and manipulated as you will make new shapes.

Trendy Optical Illusion Shapes

trendy optical illusion shapes
The image shows trendy optical illusion shapes on white background. The template is available in high resolution and in the different size to fit the needs of the project.

Geometric abstract vectors

geometric abstract vectors

Vector Set of 25 School Icons

vector set of 25 schoolicons
The template shows images of an academic hat, academy, astronomy, atom, back to school, chemistry, clip art, design, diploma, education, geography, geometry, globe, icons, books, mathematics, physics, ruler, school, set, sign, stinks, symbol, telescope, university.

Vector set of black geometry icons

vector set of black geometry icons
This template displays image of the compass, protractor, scale, cube, circle, triangle, etc.

Set of School Subjects Icons

set of school subjectsicons
The image of the template shows black and gray icons with reflection. It displays the image of travel, computer, business, ecology, shopping, automotive, web, school, and medicine concepts, engineering equipment, etc.

Stock vector geometric shapes

stock vector vector geometric shapes

Creating great patterns with properly aligned designs is made exceedingly easy with these innovative Vector packs. Take your pick for selecting the more suited decorative and professional layouts for the webpages in addition to the configurable schemes and authentic color combinations associated with these geometric shapes and patterns. Certain premium schemes with customizable features are also available but the budget considerations make them less desirable. One can choose among these top rated vector packs which have a definite shape and can be scaled down or up based on user preferences. Monochromatic shades make the backbone of these vectors which can be included with posters and website flyers. The geometry vector icons and shapes template is most suited for the background some of these high-end vectors support the EPS format and make great banner designs. Best feature sets are for grabs in the form of PSD support and exciting color combinations. Different geometric shapes can be experimented with, as the polygons, spheres, and many more orientations are supported.

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