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21+ Simple Tree Silhouette Vectors

Everybody loves the taste of nature. Thus, you may want to use tree silhouettes in your office for wall decoration. You can also use them to design your logo or brand your business. These Free Vectors are often easily editable and customizable. They come in great colors and a variety of backgrounds. You can purchase or use their free models in diverse image formats such as JPEG and PNG. Above all, you can get nature landscapes featuring the particular trees that you love most.

Nature Landscape with Tree Silhouette

nature landscape with tree silhouetteNature landscape with tree silhouette is available in editable EPS file format. The non-layered vector file requires adobe CS+ for editing and customization. It features a lake, Blue Background, the sky and a hill in twilight time.

Oak Tree Silhouette

oak tree silhouetteThe oak tree Silhouette in vector format takes pride in its graphic design. You can download it in an editable ZIP file containing CS + , PNG , EPS 10, AL, and JPEG layered files. It suits logos and brochures.

Christmas Tree Silhouette

christmas tree silhouetteChristmas tree Silhouette features different models of Christmas Trees in vector format. Use Shutterstock editor to edit these minimal fairytale forests on a White Background after download.

Moon Tree Silhouette

moon tree silhouetteMoon tree Silhouette features the moon, stars, and the sky. The Vector Illustration takes pride in its layers that are easy to edit and customize. It is available for download with regular licensing for single users.

Tree Silhouette Clip Art

tree silhouettes clip artThe tree Silhouette clip art for purchase contains a set of 6 images in PNG format at 300 dpi resolutions. You require Adobe Illustrator to modify its color, texts, and sizes. It serves blogs, scrapbooks, and cards.

Natural Sunset Landscape With Man Silhouette

natural sunset landscape with man silhouetteUse Shutterstock editor to modify the vector illustration of the natural sunset landscape with man Silhouette. It provides sunset sightseeing of a field with tree and grass. The file is available for download.

Big Vector Tree Illustration Silhouette

big vector tree illustration silhouetteThe big vector tree illustration featuring green foliage and a black tree on a white background is available for download in high resolution. The EPS 10 layered file is fully editable using CS+.

Abstract Tree Silhouette

green abstract tree silhouetteThe tree Silhouette takes pride in originality. The ecological art for download features leaves and stem. Use it to design emblems for badges and awards. It is downloadable in PNG and PDF formats.

Black Old Tree Silhouette

black old tree silhouetteThe vector illustration of a black old tree is easily editable using shutter stock editor. You can download the realistic presentation of the natural oak tree with leaves on a white background and use it to design your floral cards.

Tree Silhouette Vectors

tree silhouette vectorsTree Silhouette vectors for download perfectly serve web and print projects. You require Adobe illustrator to modify the file in AL and EPS formats. Use the realistic wood illustration on your logos, textiles, and realistic cards.

Six Different Tree Silhouettes Free Vector

six different tree silhouettes free vectorDownload and edit the freely available collection of six different tree Silhouette vectors. The collection of pine, oak and palm, and cherry tree in nature is adorable and clean in monochrome color.

Black Tree Silhouette

black tree silhouette

Different Kinds of Tree Brush Silhouettes

different kinds of trees brushes silhouettes

The different kinds of tree brush Silhouettes take pride in high resolution. It features realistic trees and flowers for download. It is useful in gift-wrappings, card designs, and textiles.

Bird and Tree Silhouette

bird and tree silhouette

The bird and tree Silhouette for download is fully editable. It comes in vector ESP and 8 formats with gradients. You require Adobe CS+ to modify the non-layered file for single users under regular licenses.

Green Background Tree Silhouette Vector

green background tree silhouette vectorDownload Now

Silhouette of Tree with Grass

silhouette of tree with grass

Beautiful Black Silhouette Floral Art Tree and Birds

beautiful black silhouette floral art tree birdsDownload Now

Silhouette Tree with Roots

silhouetters tree with rootsDownload Now

Palm Trees Silhouette

palm trees silhouetteDownload Now

Silhouette of Two People Under a Tree

silhouette of two people on a treeDownload Now

Finally, before deciding on the ideal simple tree silhouette to use, you should go through the wide range that is available online. Not all of them are layered or realistic. Even so, most of them are good enough for home and office décor. You can also modify some of their aspects.

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