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5+ Blank Envelope Mock-ups

A mock-up is used to create a sample of the actual material that will undergo the design and creation process for it to be an existing item that can be purchased and used by consumers. There are different items that can use mock-ups in its initial design process. One of these items is a blank envelope.

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There are a lot of reasons why a bare envelope still has to be designed properly and accurately. Since there are a variety of envelopes used in different purposes, there are also different design processes that are needed to be made to assure that the creation procedures of envelopes will smoothly flow. We can provide you with samples of blank envelope mock-ups and more templates of Envelope Mock-ups so you can have references and guides in creating the envelope that you will use for the purpose that you want it to serve.

Blank Business Envelope Mock-up

Branding Blank Envelope Mock-up

Blank White Envelope Mock-up


Guidelines in Creating a Blank Envelope Mock-up

If you are tasked by the company where you work for to create an envelope mock-up, here are a few guidelines that you may follow:

  • Be aware of the purpose of usage of the envelope. It is very important for you to first know the reason why the envelope has to be made and what will it encase for you to create an appropriate envelope mock-up
  • Familiarize with the envelope sizes that is required to be done. Even if they have the same design, envelopes tend to look differently depending on their size. This also allows the consumers to identify the envelope that they will use for specific transactions.
  • Know the needed envelope structure. There are different ways that an envelope may be designed. It may be blank in terms of its appearance but the differences actually can be seen in the way that an envelope may be opened, the lines where the open areas meet, and other technical structures that are needed to be considered when creating an envelope mock-up.

Other than our samples of blank envelope mock-ups, you may also be interested to browse through and download our templates of Business Card Mock-ups.

Blank Letter Envelope Mock-up


Hand Holding Blank  Envelope Mock-up


Corporate Blank Envelope Mockup

Realistic Blank Closed Envelope Mock-up

Advantages of Using a Blank Envelope Mock-up

Using a blank envelope mock-up can provide the following advantages to the entities who will use it:

  • Since it is still blank, there are a lot of design materials that may be applied to it when it is already needed to be used. It is very versatile especially if it will be used for different occasions where different design items may just be applied to make it look appropriate to the event.
  • Blank envelope mock-ups can be used for formal processes like encasing letters for business and corporate transactions. The formality that its simplicity can provide is very essential in terms of the processes where professional people are involved.
  • Creating an envelope mock-up that is blank allows other people to select whether they would like to design it digitally or they can just create it through a digital platform and apply physical design items and materials to it

There are still a lot of advantages that a blank envelope mock-up can provide should you decide to use it. It all depends on how creative you are in tweaking it or on the purpose where it will be used. Make sure that your blank envelope mock-up is aligned with all the guidelines that we have provided so it will be deemed appropriate for proper usage.

Aside from our samples of blank envelope mock-up templates, you may also make use of our downloadable samples and templates of Office Branding Mock-ups.

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