9+ Macbook Mock-ups


We mainly use mock-ups to have a preview of a certain design before it gets printed out or manufactured. This is to help us apply changes we may want to make, add more details in the final product, or correct mistakes created in the design. Mock-ups are also used for presentation purposes where the mock-up is presented for viewing purposes.

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In this topic, we share some Macbook mock-ups you can use to create your own mock-up and incorporate them to your designs which will help you save time and the effort of making the mock-up from scratch. You can also check out our website for different types of Apple Device Mock-ups

Macbook Pro Mock-up

macbook pro mockupDownload

Macbook Air Mock-up

macbook air mockupDownload

Flat Macbook Mock-up

flat macbook mockupDownload

Macbook iPad Mock-up

macbook ipad mockupDownload

Where You Can Use Macbook Mock-ups

Mock-ups can be used in different ways which can benefit the designers in creating too much details from scratch. Below are a few examples on where you can use the different Macbook mock-ups for:

  • Use them for presentation purposes – You can mainly use the different types of Macbook mock-ups for presentation purposes like being able to include your main product in a Macbook simulation, which can be very handy for presentations to customers or possible clients.
  • Use them as design previews – These types of Macbook mock-ups are commonly used for preview purposes where designers can view all the corrections and additional details that needs to be placed in the design itself. This has saved designers and companies the time, money, and effort in manufacturing and creating designs from scratch.

Who Uses Mock-ups?

Below are some entities who use mock-ups in their daily activities:

  • Designers – Commonly, designers use mock-ups to present their final designs before it gets printed or manufactured. Designers also use mock-ups to guide them on the different details that needs to be changed or would need more improvement.
  • Companies – Businesses today use mock-ups mainly for presentation and promotional purposes. This is also another method of being able to attract possible customers.

You can also check out our website if you would want to download and use different types of WorkSpace PSD Mock-ups in your designs.

Business Macbook Mock-up

business macbook mockupDownload

Photorealistic Macbook Mock-up

photorealistic macbook mockupDownload

Macbook Desk Mock-up

macbook desk mockup2Download

Workspace Macbook Mock-up

workspace macbook mockupDownload

High Resolution Macbook Mock-up

high resolution macbook mockupDownload

Different Macbook Mock-up Examples

The main purpose for getting your own Macbook mock-up is to help you create your own mock-up with ease an help you save time and effort in creating such effects from scratch. Below are a few examples on the different Macbook mock-ups our website can offer:

  • Flat Macbook Mock-up – These types of Macbook mock-ups are commonly used as posters in which you can attach your designs and use them for promotional purposes.
  • Macbook ProMockup – You can also use these types of mock-ups for promotional purposes which you can attach your designs in the Macbook mock-up and use them for presentation or preview purposes.
  • Macbook iPad Mockup – These types of mock-ups are commonly used for presentation purposes and promotional purposes.
  • Workspace Macbook Mockup – You can use these types of mock-ups for presentation purposes wherein you can see the actual Macbook product being used in different environments and will tell you how they look like being placed in different locations.

Why Are Mock-ups Important?

Mock-ups in general are important because they may help designers in prevent mistakes by printing them right away without a proper final mock-up to look at. Being a template to use, mock-ups also helps designers replicate or improve the template’s designs easily. They also serve as a reference for designers to use as well.

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