9+ iMac Mockups


Customizing your gadgets, such as laptop and mobile phones, with iMac display has been made possible via available mockup designs online and ready for download. These displays enable users to have a background or wallpaper the way they wanted it to be.

Our team has curated a number of mockup designs for iMac gadget users to apply on their monitors and screens. Samples like free PSD, realistic, photo realistic, and iMac workplace mockup designs are presented here. Each template is customizable according to each user’s preference and choice. Colors, fonts, background, and captions are all editable, and it is up to the user on how to exploit the tools in his favor accordingly.

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Free PSD iMac Mockup

free psd imac mockup Download

Realistic iMac Mockup

realistic imac mockup Download

iMac Screen Mockup in PSD

imac screen mockup psd Download

Apple iMac Display Mockup

apple imac display mockup Download

iPhone and iMac Mockup

iphone and imac mockup Download

Advantages of Mockup Designs

Downloading readily available mockup designs online can be a great help for designers, graphic artists, creationists, among others. To them, having these resources provides a hundred and one advantages, and among them are as follows:

  • They do not have to start from scratch on their web designing because they are able to find the design or background that they want online, and what they need to do is simply add some minor modifications in order to make it their own.
  • They do not have to spend too much time creating multiple designs at once. The presentations they need will be finished in just a short span of time.
  • They are given a wider range of options when it comes to certain designs or layouts by applying multiple changes or alterations in existing mockups.
  • These designs, which include iPad mockups, give users an idea of their preferred designs upon seeing each mockup as they would look like in real life.
  • Mockup graphic designs are ideal for beginners, amateur designers and artists, especially if they are not that familiar with specific digital tools necessary during customization.

iMac Device Mockup

imac device mockup Download

Photorealistic iMac Mockup in PSD

photorealistic imac mockup psd Download

iMac Workspace Mockup

imac workspace mockup Download

iMac Presentation Mockup

imac presentation mockup Download

iMac and iPad Mockup

imac and ipad mockup Download

Guidelines in Choosing Mockup Designs

For graphic designers and artists, downloading a particular mockup design is possible without batting an eyelash. During their school years, they were already prepared, technically and knowledgeably, in dealing with matters related to their studies.

However, for some professionals whose skills are far from that of a graphic artist or designer, the following guidelines are recommended in choosing a mockup design:

  • Choose a mockup design that is nearest to your ideal final layout so that it would be a lot easier for you to edit and add some slight modifications only.
  • Choose a design that can be modified with the use of software that is compatible with the capacity of your current computer unit or laptop. Otherwise, you need to choose another design or upgrade your unit.
  • If you are looking for an ideal mockup design for your MacBook Pro, for an instance, choose a design that is visually pleasing for presentation purposes. Or, you may check on some available MacBook mockups online for more design ideas.

Guidelines such as this are being offered in aid of some professionals in their dealing with the complexities of web or interface designing. These guidelines are applicable as well to those who are searching for a mockup design for their mobile phones.


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