19+ Awesome Website Templates Of Filmmakers

A filmmaker has a lot to achieve from a website that’s as creative as the films! With dedicated website templates for filmmakers, directors and studio service providers can showcase their abilities and present teasers of their creative content to make an impact on viewers.With jquery powered home screen animations and image sliders, your movie website will create the right first impression, followed up ably by interesting inter-page transitions. You may also see Amazing Photography Website Templates.

A.Movie – Cinema/Movie HTML LESS Template

  • AMovie1

Movie Responsive Joomla Template

  • Movie Responsive Joomla Template

The user can use it in the form of word document. Some of its features are:

  • Great color array.
  • Editable
  • Smart, Sharp and retina friendly images.
Use it for a great experience.

Creative Movie Responsive WordPress Theme $75

This is a website template of filmmakers that can be relied upon for a great website design. Some of its features are:

  • The template is super navigable.
  • Have great responsive features.
  • Has a great slide show.
The web designers have the best support through this template.

Retro Movie

  • RetroMovie111

The following are some of the attributes of this template:

  • Colorful array.
  • Customizable.
  • Can support extra pages.
Download it with ease and speed.

Best Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

  • Movie Responsive WordPress Theme eye cartoon

Following are the features of this template.

  • It is editable.
  • It can add extra pages.
  • Attractive looks.
Employ this template for a winning website.

Movie Studio

  • MovieStudio

The user can get it with ease from the internet. Its features are:

  • Professional designs,
  • Browser compatible.
  • Great resolution range.
Can be relied for affective movie websites.

MovieScope -HTML5 & CSS3 Portal Template

  • MovieScope

Movie WordPress Theme

  • Obvilion Film Making Website

The theme has the following features:

  • Bold and intriguing colors.
  • Great retina friendly images.
  • 3D image quality.
Employ this template for a stunning website.

Movie Star

  • MovieStar

Following are some of the features:

  • Attractive design.
  • Formal and intriguing look.
  • Super technical features.
You can get it in the form of word document and PDF.

Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

  • Movie Responsive WordPress Theme 46022.png11

Cinema Club

  • CinemaClub

This website template of filmmaker can be easily downloaded from the internet in the form of word document for some of its best features like:

  • The user can make fast and quick changes.
  • The user can add further pages.
  • The quality of images is great.
Users can get them easily over the internet.

Action Movie WordPress Theme

  • Movie WordPress Theme online

This is a website template of filmmakers that can be used for attractive movie websites. It has features like: The user can inset extra pages.

  • Print ready.
  • Great resolution.
The formats are professionally designed.


  • CinemaLounge

Romantic Movie WordPress Theme

  • Movie WordPress Theme anime

Super Man Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

  • movies online heman

This is a template design that can be employed by talented website designers to come up with some of the most unique ideas of website construction. Its features are:

  • Simple colors.
  • Fully editable.
  • Great responsive features.
Download this template layout immediately.

Best Website Template of Filmmaker

Movie Responsive WordPress Theme Template

  • Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

FilmMaker WordPress Website Theme

Movie Responsive Website Template

  • Movie Responsive Website Template112

Elegant drop down menus, fluidic photo galleries, and customized fonts add more aplomb to a filmmaker’s website, and you get all these and more features packed into the best website templates for filmmakers. The best from Flash, HTML5 and CSS awaits you in the form of the amazing and specialized movie maker Website Templates for Makeup Artists available online.

For agencies offering movie making and other studio services, these templates come with pre-populated content pages, Google Maps and Contact Us forms, so that client prospecting is made easier.The website templates of filmmakers can be used for interesting movie websites.

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