15+ Certificate of Recognition Templates

As a person that wants to give acknowledgment to any valuable individual in a workplace or in their life, certificate of recognition will give the person the diploma that bears their name and appreciation for the contribution they have given. You can take it like the thank you certificate Microsoft word, excel and pdf file so you can have the program for application for this kind of documents. You may also see Gift Certificate Templates.

certificate recognition

Simple Certificate of Recognition

printable employee recognition certificate
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School Certificate of Recognition Template

school certificate of recognition template
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Youth Certificate of Recognition

youth certificate of recognition
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Flag Certificate of Recognition

flag certificate of recognition
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Emergency Manager Certificate of Recognition

emergency manager certificate of recognition
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Outstanding Student Recognition Certificate Template

outstanding student recognition certificate template
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Physical Fitness Recognition Certificate

physical fitness recognition certificate
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Printable Employee Recognition Certificate

simple certificate of recognition
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Simple Sportsmanship Recognition Certificate Template

simple sportsmanship recognition certificate template
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Printable Certificate of Recognition Template

printable certificate of recognition template
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Sample Certificate of Recognition Template

sample certificate of recognition template
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Prize Winning Recognition Certificate Template

prize winning recognition certificate template
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School Recognition Certificate Template

school recognition certificate template
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Blank Certificate Template

blank certificate templateFree Download

You can make a personalized or official document layout with this Certificate Template that can be applied for several years and have it renewed when the necessity asks for it. The content can be typed based on the achievements done by a person.

> Uses of Certificate of Recognition Template

  • Thank you certificate is a document of appreciation that an individual or a group receives for their contribution or performance.
  • The certificate of recognition also acts as an important document top grace any individual’s portfolio.
  • The online templates of the certificate make it easy to arrange certificate anytime.
  • Even in the short span of time, with the ready certificate one can simply print it blank and fill in details manually.
  • However, with the customization option one can make changes as well in it to make it better for the use.

> How to use the Certificate of Recognition Template

Once you download the free template it is very easy to use it for various purposes. You can download, save, customize and print the template anytime. Free templates do not consist of any copyrights issues thus you can use it as per your convenience. Downloaded Thank You Certificate Template can be customize using the available tool and then saved in the required format. PDF format of the same doc can be made using functions in the editing tool. This file is easy and preferred format to print as well.