5+ Certificate of Running Templates

Running for marathons and other such tournaments are all the rage right now. Marathons are organized for a number of reasons, including social causes as well. All the participants of the marathon, including the ones who managed to secure a rank, are awarded certificates in recognition of their achievement. To design the certificate, one requires a creative mind and a lot of patience. Otherwise, you could always use these stunning running certificate templates found below. You can also see Certificate Template.

Certificate of Running Participation


This template may easily be used as a participation certificate for marathons. It bears a formal look and is professional and corporate in nature. It comes in an easy to use word format.

Certificate of Running Template


Red, white, grey and black have always been a classic combination. This template uses various hues to make it look all the more attractive. It comes in a format that is easy to use and edit.

Certificate of Running Excellence


This template comes with an attractive colour scheme and CMYK colour mode. It comes in a standard size and is ready for print. It is also 100 % editable and customizable.

Certificate of Running Training


Various training programs are arranged from time to time for marathons. On the completion of such a program, one is awarded a certificate. For that, you can use this template.

Certificate of Running Achievement


The best part about this template is that it has been kept simple and given a no-nonsense look. It is formal and professional down to the last detail. Also, it looks attractive and appealing.

> How can you use the Certificate of Running Templates?

Nowadays, marathons are organized almost at regular intervals. Organising a large scale event like a marathon can be a complicated task. Also, after the marathon has been done and dusted with, a certificate is usually awarded to the participants. The organizers of such an event may thus use these certificates of running templates to create the certificates. As a matter of fact, various training programs are held for running. The students who have enrolled in the program are awarded a certificate at the end of the course. To do that, one can use these well-designed certificates of running templates.

What do the Running Certificate Templates Contain?

These running certificate templates are highly specific in nature and usually contain the same basic details. As a matter of fact, they look like any other certificate. They all contain the heading at the top which states what the certificate is for. Next comes the certification; this states that a particular person has secured a rank in a marathon, or completed the race or a training program in running. This part is usually kept simple, to the point and precise. Elaboration and exaggeration are to be avoided here. Apart from that, the templates usually contain a sleek border and some design near the corners. You can also see Sportsmanship Certificate Templates.

All the running certificate templates that you see here have been designed with utmost care by the professionals. They are well designed, formal in nature, sleek, stylish, creative and appealing to the eye. These templates can be downloaded, edited, saved and printed with ease. All you have to do is download the right template!

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