7+ Running Certificate Templates

Running races are a part of athletics and any sports meet for that matter. Running races can be individual events as well as Marathon races. Whatever may be the type of running races, the efforts that go in practicing as well as getting coached are amazing. Whether winners or runners or just participants, everyone who runs in running race events, deserves applause. The Certificate Template we give here will help recognize and motivate the athletes participating in the running race.

Certificate of Training for Running Template


Various training programs are arranged from time to time for marathons. On the completion of such a program, one is awarded a certificate. For that you can use this template.


Certificate of Achievement for Running Template


This template may easily be used as a participation certificate for marathons. It bears a formal look and is professional and corporate in nature. It comes in an easy to use word format.


Participation Certificate for Running Template


Red, white, grey and black have always been a classic combination. This template uses various hues to make it look all the more attractive. It comes in a format that is easy to use and edit.


Excellence Certificate for Running Template


This template comes with an attractive colour scheme and CMYK colour mode. It comes in a standard size and is ready for print. It is also 100 % editable and customisable.


Achievement Certificate for Running Template


The best part about this template is that it has been kept simple and given a no nonsense look. It is formal and professional down to the last detail. Also, it looks attractive and appealing.


Running Award Certificate

File Format
  • Doc
  • Docx

Size: 3 MB


This is a mildly designed certificate template which is awarded to those who run a running race. It is awarded for running the race and is given to all the participants.

Medical certificate for Running

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 62 kB


Who is the Target Audience for Running Certificate Template?

All runners who participate in different types of running races become eligible to get these certificates. The performance of each individual during the event decides who will get which certificate. However, the different designs and purposes served by these certificates ensure performers in every aspect of running race are recognized in a fair manner. You may also see Training Certificate Templates.

Covering the complete aspect where the scope for performance is high, makes these certificates valuable ones due to the motivation levels they spread across every individual and aspect. These can act as the basic criteria and practice provided to the runners depending on their strengths.

What are the Benefits for Achieving Running Certificate?

As we know, different runners will have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important for the coach or the trainer to focus on the strengths of each runner to motivate him so that his strength area is groomed properly. At the same time, this will also help the coach and the individual to overcome the existing weakness so that it doesn’t come as a hindrance to his success.

Success comes when a sports person focuses on his strength keeping aside the weaknesses during the actual performance. When a runner gets one or more of the above certificates, it exhibits his strength and capability to the world around pulling him high up in his field. You may also see Photography Gift Certificate Template.

> What are the Different types of Running Certificates?

There are many types of Running certificates designed to motivate sports persons who are strong in the different areas of running a race. Not only the winners of a running race put in efforts but it is also the others who try their level best preparing to win the running race.

In order to encourage each runner who Participation Certificate Template in a Running Race, many types of certificates like Finisher certificates, Achievement in running certificates, Participation certificates, Running Award and Energy performing certificates are awarded to the participants suiting their performance. Remember, not all the certificate types apply for all running races but are used in a selective manner.

Running races in different forms like Marathon have a crucial place when it comes to any sports meet. Whether it is an international or national event or local races held, winner, runners and participants of a Running race need to be recognized. The above certificate templates will help acknowledge the fullest effort recognizing and motivating the right talents.

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