16+ Course Completion Certificate Designs & Templates – PSD, InDesign, AI, Word

Receiving an award to recognize a person’s effort is a triumphant moment that one will always treasure. A trophy or a medal, or even a certificate will suffice to be given as a token of appreciation for your excellent work performance or for completing a course for improving your skills. It feels rewarding for the recipient of the certificate that his or her efforts are acknowledged. Giving someone a certificate validates their hard work and it even encourages and motivates them to work even harder. There are various types of certificates for different purposes, and one of the major awards that a certificate is made for is the course completion. You may also like the free certificates.

Course completion certificates are given to individuals who have finished a certain course for obtaining or improving one’s skill. For example, there’s a short-term course for baking and one receives a course completion certificate when one finishes the course with passing remarks. But there are some institutions that give out course completion certificates even if a person didn’t finish it with passing remarks because even if that’s the case, what’s important is that they tried hard and they learned something from the course. There are various certificate styles that you can use to present the award for completing a course. Check them out below!

Free Completion Certificate Template


Professional Course Completion Certificate

Professional Course Completion Certificate

Custom-Made Course Completion Certificate

Custom-made Course Completion Certificate

Free Course Completion Certificate Template


Elegant Course Completion Certificate Template


From the border to the colors, everything about this just screams ‘elegant.’ The gold-like color used for the seal border and texts is perfect to portray an elegant certificate such as this. You can choose whether you want to have this certificate in portrait or landscape orientation. As with every other certificate, the most common font used for the header adds to the elegance of the certificate. It almost looks like the font used in medieval times.

Classy Course Completion Certificate Template


Artistic Course Completion Certificate Template


Have you ever looked at something and wondered how such beauty exists? Whether it’s a person or a thing, seeing something majestically and stunningly beautiful is a blessing that you need to be bestowed upon your eyes. This certificate does exactly that. The design looks like a piece of art that is displayed in the spacious rooms of a museum. The combinations of the color add a lively and fun vibe to it. If you look at it, the way the strokes are executed make them seem like a curtain that only opens when the rightful receiver of the award is present. If you want to impress people who will be receiving this certificate, click the download button now and start printing! You may also see the internship certificate templates.

Purple Course Completion Certificate Template


Clean Course Completion Certificate Template


If you want to talk about a clean design, this one definitely takes the top of the list. The white background greatly contributes to the overall look that this certificate is going for. The color gradient of the border, images, and texts adds life to the slightly dull but clean white background. The texts are arranged well and the font style makes it look more formal. Download this template now and use it on your award ceremonies.

Gold Course Completion Certificate Template


Minimalist Course Completion Certificate Template


Simple Course Completion Certificate Template


A certificate doesn’t always need a border. Sometimes, it only needs a simple design that will complement well with the overall look of the certificate. In this template, the design utilizes the complementing colors of red and gray. Also, the curvy design that surrounds the upper and right borders create a modern feel to it. Download this template now and start printing the certificates! You may also see the training certificate templates.

Corporate Course Completion Certificate Template


Sleek Course Completion Certificate Template


Red and black is one of the best color pairings there is. The combination of these two creates a striking color scheme for the design. It creates a sleek, classy, and sophisticated look that one cannot dare to turn away from. It simply draws people’s attention. In this design, the black border encapsulates the red motif of the certificate. The ornaments on the upper right and left accentuate the sophistication of the design further. And what’s great about this design is that the name of the person the certificate is given to is placed on a dark wide strip that makes the name stand out even more. Get this one now and make your awardee feel that they are as sleek and sophisticated as this certificate. You may also like the attendance certificate templates.

Neat Course Completion Certificate Template


Vintage Course Completion Certificate Template


Certificates had always had that vintage design ever since. New designs may come but this kind of design will always appear during award ceremonies. The design composes of a golden vintage border that exudes timeless beauty. And to add more style to it, the background is filled with somewhat a similar pattern with the border that pushes the overall aesthetics to its maximum. The vintage style that this certificate wants to achieve is heightened with the gold and slightly rustic color for the border and the text. The artistic aura is what makes this certificate stand out from the rest of the list. Click that ‘Buy Now’ button and start printing your certificates!

Colorful Course Completion Certificate Template


The colorful wavy rays that dominated half the area of the certificate create an ambiguous shape of a bird. Its beak is at the right side of the design where it also looks like it is where the stream of colors come from. You could also interpret this as a river of colors that gently and gracefully add magic and beauty wherever the bird passes at. We can leave it to your imagination on what you see with the design. But what we can be certain about is the artistic vibe that you get whenever you look at it. Each stroke of color is a representation of the values and morals that the company or institution uphold. But, if you want to change the colors, you can freely do so as this template is fully editable. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button and start editing your first batch of completion certificates! You may also like the free certificate templates.

Modern Course Completion Certificate Template


Pofessional Course Completion Certificate Template


You may wonder why this template is titled as professional when it has a design that is not conventionally and explicitly used for a professional look. Yes, it doesn’t have that strict or formal look that a professional-looking certificate usually has. But who says it is the rule of such certificates? It doesn’t hurt to deviate from the norm and create a style of your own. This template is the perfect example of such case. The colorful tiles that are slightly warped when they reach the main text area are pleasing to look at and they don’t disrupt the professional look that this certificate wants to project. The arrangement of the texts, like the title, name of the recipient, and the signatories contribute well to the professional aesthetic of this certificate. So if you want to showcase your version that deviates from the usual look of a professional look for a certificate, click that download button now! You may also see the word certificate templates.

Giving out certificates is a great way of showing your employees or basically anyone that their efforts are greatly appreciated and recognized. A hardworking individual wants nothing more than to have his or her dedication and commitment to the job be acknowledged. It’s also a nice way of saying that you value them and care for them enough to give them an award. By doing so, you create a work environment full of positivity and it encourages them to work even harder. For the design of the certificate, choose the one that’s appropriate for the theme that you are going for. If you are going for a vintage theme, then choose the vintage-style certificate. Get over every template so you can narrow down your choices until you pick the final one. We hope you can choose the right design and we wish you all the best in your endeavors!

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