18+ Examples of Creative 404 Error Page Designs

Ever since the users start working on browsers, they get used to 404 error. A sort of long lasting affair. But what is 404 error all about? In computer language, 404 error indicates a broken link between the client and the server. Subsequently, the standard response code gives you no option, except leaving the page with bare hands. However, creativity over the years has reached new heights in all areas and now you can convey the error with a sugar coated message. To know further, read the below examples. You can also see Funny 404 Page Designs.

creative 404 page designs

02. Ueno


MailChimp is a name that doesn’t need any introduction. Any business that deals with mass mailing can easily identify the service provider. The Mail champ uses it’s trademark chimp to deliver the 404 message. The animated background indicates an unidentified territory.

Hakim El Hattab 404 Error Page

hakim el hattab

Dailymotion Cloud

dailymotion cloud



To conclude, technical mishaps are inevitable for any company and if you are creative enough there is a lot to do with that ‘lost space’. Use these sugar coated message instead of instead of leaving the visitors in no man’s land.