11+ Vintage Paper Textures


Even in an era of minimalist designs and flat icons, vintage textures and patterns have yet to lost its popularity among designers. It is still a great way to give a strong personality to your graphic or web design ideas by setting an atmosphere of timelessness. The vintage look is composed of a vast range of styles which could span decades as well as genres.

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Seeing how designers of today are able to bridge the gap between the past and the present is amazing. Getting inspiration from the design movements of pre-Photoshop, pre-Sketch, or pre-Illustrator times, they were able to create something old to something new again. With this, we have gathered some vintage paper Photoshop textures for you to download and use.

Vintage Art Paper Textures

vintage paper textures1

Damaged Vintage Paper Texture

vintage paper texture

Vintage Folded Paper Texture

floded paper

25 Vintage Paper Textures

25 vintage paper texturesDownload

Antique Vintage Paper Texture

antique vintage paper textureDownload

Vintage Old Paper Texture

vintage old paper textureDownload

High-Resolutiom Vintage Paper Texture

high res vintage paper textureDownload

Watercolor Vintage Paper Texture

watercolor vintage paper textureDownload

Identifying a Paper Texture with Vintage Style

Vintage paper textures are identified with the following factors:

  • It evokes nostalgia. The nostalgic properties of a texture or pattern which reminds you of your childhood are some of the ways to identify a vintage style from the others. Examples of these are appearance and qualities of the object.
  • It comes with age. Another factor is the perception of age. As time influences how things appear, signs of the aging processes, such as slight pixelation, yellowing, curled or ripped edges, and damage or decay, are easy to spot.
  • It has a certain visual style. Aside from nostalgic value and aging being hallmarks of vintage design, picking up visual pointers and cues such as colors and decorations that reference a certain era is a great way to associate something to the vintage aesthetic.

4 Vintage Paper Textures

4 vintage paper texturesDownload

Vintage Grunge Paper Texture

vintage grunge paper textureDownload

Seamless Vintage Paper Texture

seamless vintage paper textureDownload

Vintage Folded Paper Texture

vintage folded paper textureDownload

Why You Should Use Vintage Paper Textures

Here are some reasons and benefits on why you should use vintage paper textures:


  • To grab attention. Using vintage paper textures to highlight titles, headings, icons, and buttons provide a classic feel to these elements. If used wisely, it can separate the element from the rest of the content and guide the user’s eye directly to the object.
  • To enhance information structure. In order to enhance the effectiveness of an information architecture, one can use these vintage paper textures in lines, boxes, or contrasting backgrounds to separate the content of a Web page into logical divisions.
  • To build an identity. Vintage paper textures can be used by websites or products to build an atmosphere other than displaying information in their content. It is one way to enhance the website’s identity, which will enable users to identify with the brand.


  • It is classic and timeless. The vintage look gives designs a sense of timelessness and classic feel to your designs. With its raw and organic nature, it provides more options in designing stuff associated with objects from the past.
  • It has an unpolished finish. Vintage patterns are perfect to use in designs that require an old-fashioned and rough finish. Whether it’s a movie poster or a classic product advertisement, it is a stark contrast to any polished designs.
  • It can be elaborate without looking overdecorated. With its old and aged effects, you can add more interesting and elaborate aspects in your design. It allows you to experiment and be more crafty to create some edgy masterpieces.

For more retro or classic ideas, don’t forget to see our collection of old paper textures as well.

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