29+ Cool Chocolate Packaging Design Ideas


Who doesn’t love to indulge in the fine flavored and nut filled taffies and other confections for the first bite itself? Of course, anybody will get surrendered to the taste of cocoa. Are you a Chocolatier who is into gourmet handcrafted chocolates, Gift baskets, and truffles? Well, here are a few chocolate packing designs for your use. You can use them for New Year promotions, Christmas marketing, and as a part of Halloween offers as well.

Chocolate Packaging Design


The Marmara CHOCOLATE Package

the marmara chocolate package

Ecological Handmade Chocolate Packaging

ecological handmade chocolate packaging


This looks like an eco-friendly Chocolate. A neat package with a decent color combination. If you are against the heavy designs and themes, you can instantly pick this one for your next promotion.

People enjoy indulging in the pure caramel, no matter how small an amount it is. Take Cadbury’s Eclairs for example. Are you eyeing those mini indulgences? Then take the help of this.

Creative Butter Toffees Packaging Design

creative butter toffees packaging design


These heart melting and mouth watering butter toffees just succumb you to the temptation. Well, you can use these temptation points for your upcoming chocolate varieties. Give your butter confectionaries a better option.

Surreal Chocolate packaging Design

surreal chocolate packaging design


The GIF image unveils the back and forth of a sweet chicanery that enhances your taste buds. Adopt this surrealistic package before somebody else does. Be an early bird.

Zenobar Chocolate Packaging

zenobar chocolate packaging


Age is not a bar to have a choco bar. In this case, the bar gets the packaging with the right combination of colors: milky white and olive green.

Sabadi Chocolate Package

sabadi chocolate package


Bar Chocolates outnumbered the ice creams and other confectionaries in the recent past. In this magic proportion, packaging deserves more credit than the content of it. Use this Sabadi Chocolate Packaging for a higher probability of bites.

Chocolate Packaging Design Series

chocolate packaging design series


This Chocolate Packaging is a kids stuff designed with an engaging theme. Keep this aside for your festival celebrations. You can add your taste to make it even better. Use this to target emerging markets.

Candy Chocolate Packaging Design

candy chocolate packaging design


Candy Chocolate Packaging Design is another gift package with a classy design. Its richness speaks for itself with a style that is purely dominant. With this packaging, your gift stands absolutely no chance of ignorance or rejection. Embark on this now.

Remarkable Chocolate Packaging

remarkable chocolate packaging


Chocolate bundles are the new attraction for sweet teeth in the market. Thus, we made this Remarkable Chocolate Packaging an attainable thing for you. Now you can ship your products in bundles.

Stella Chocolate Packaging

stella chocolate packaging


Jewels Chocolate Packaging

jewels chocolate packaging


Chocolates with Attitude Pattern Packaging

chocolates with attitude pattern packaging


Raw Chocolate Packaging

raw chocolate packaging


Dark Chocolate Packaging

dark chocolate packaging


Simon Coll Chocolate Packaging

simon coll chocolate packaging


Koko Chocolate Packaging Design

koko chocolate packaging design


Forest Chocolate Packaging

forest chocolate packaging


Chocolate Bar Packaging

chocolate bar packaging


Chocolate Branding & Packaging Design

chocolate branding packaging design


Chocward Chocolate Packaging

chocward chocolate packaging


La Naya Chocolate Packaging Design

la naya chocolate packaging design


Duet Chocolate Packaging

duet chocolate packaging


Chocolate Truffle Packaging

chocolate truffle packaging


Classic Chocolate Packaging Design

classic chocolate packaging design1


Brazil Chocolate Packaging

brazil chocolate packaging


Coming up with innovative ideas and designs is a never ending challenge for business people. However, the series of superior grade designs in this article contradistinguishes you from the other chocolate makers with fresh stock of packaging designs. They play a significant role in sales. Get the best use of these sweet examples. You can also see Food Packaging Designs.

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