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20+ Excellent Chocolate Packaging Designs

Make use of the Excellent Chocolate Packaging Designs through the use of captivating templates. The collection of vector templates has dual purposes. Not only do they help pack your products attractively, they also give you an opportunity to show off the premium artworks that the designs in the templates entail. With inventive Food Packaging Design formats, the templates help encase the chocolate treats which can be used both professionally and for personal uses. The colors and the fonts used in the templates are assorted and therefore one needs to make correct choices while choosing among the templates that should work best for the destined products. So, if it is cookies that you want to wrap up, then the box templates with suitable dimensions and appropriate graphics needs to be selected. Of course, they can all be personalized through the Book Cover Design Template.

Chocolate Wrapper Packaging Template


Chocolate Box Packaging Template


Dark Chocolate Packaging Template


Chocolate Bar Packaging Template


Candy Chocolate Packaging Template


Crunchy Chocolate Packaging Template


Printable Chocolate Packaging Template


Chocolate Cream Packaging Template


Editable Chocolate Packaging Template


Sample Chocolate Packaging Template


Easy Editable Chocolate Packaging Template


Customize Chocolate Packaging Template



For those who want elegant, classy, yet simple, then this is the option. The background is a light brown with some lace designs on the top of the boxes in different colors.

Vao Vao Chocolate Package Design

vao vao chocolate package design
No matter what size sweets you have, this chocolate packaging design has you covered. There are boxes for small, medium, large, and huge sizes in paper and plastic.

Camino Chocolate

camino chocolate
This design looks like a map of a city with the streets done in white and the rest done in different colors. There is a band in the middle that tells about the candy bar and the brand name on top.

Brix Chocolate Packing

brix chocolate packing
Elegance is what comes to mind when you first see these boxes and they are textured in a brown color. There is also a thick strip in the middle that talks about the make-up of the bar.


If you have individual pieces of candy, then these brightly colored wrappers are perfect. You can use them to make the candy stand out, but still look classy.

Bebidas Quente NUGALI

bebidas quente nugali
For those who want a bit more elegance to their candy line, then this is one of the best. The box is one that stands upright with an envelope style lid that can be resealed.

Bavarian Chocolate Werks

bavarian chocolate werks
This is another stylish option and the box is a textured black one with a removable label. The label has the name of the chocolate along with the mixture.

Amandis Chocolate

amandis chocolate

This option has cut-outs in the front that are covered in plastic to allow you to see inside. It comes in many colors, including yellow, red, purple, and green.

Divine Chocolate Packaging

divine chocolate packaging
Simple, gorgeous and classy is what strikes you first when you see this chocolate packaging design. It has hearts in different colors on the dark brown background with the name of the bar.

Chocolate Packaging

chocolate packaging
If you are looking for variety, then this is the set for you. It has metal containers, normal wrappers and even some that can be sealed at the top with a dome like design.

Cioccolato Classico

cioccolato classico

Chocolate Packing

chocolate packing

Theo Chocolate Packaging Design

theo chocolate packaging design

Puro Placer

puro placer

Single Origin Chocolates

single origin chocolates

Golden Rose Chocolate

golden rose chocolate

Ada Chocolate

ada chocolate

Sabadi Chocolate Package

sabadi chocolate package

For chocolate cake boxes, for instance, the choices of templates are many with editable texts, colors and fonts. The templates are all print ready with attractive and vibrant colors and fonts like Signika, Brush Script STD Medium and Rochester among others. There may be an added column in the templates which allows you to fill in your company slogan with which the wrapper gets superbly personalized. You may also see T-Shirt Design Templates. Additional features that the templates include are full compatibility with Adobe Illustrator CS3 version and inclusions of suitable graphic files. With CMYK color mode, they are print ready with helpful perforation lines. These top templates can be grabbed either for free or against a reasonable price for best usages for wrapping up delectable treats. When you are thinking about creating your own candy bar line, the first thing you need to do is create the wrappers. Use some of these options to help you come up with the perfect one.

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