14+ Dinner Ticket Templates – PSD, Vector EPS

Nothing evokes the feel of high society as much as exclusive black-tie dinner events. These dinner events are organized either for a personal celebration or for charity and gala events. And often, dinner events for the latter will need dinner tickets to ensure that only the ones who contributed or bought tickets for the event are allowed inside. If you are tasked with organizing such an event, you may need to read this article for different dinner ticket template design inspirations.

Listed below are 15 different dinner ticket templates that you can purchase if you wish to use them as the base template for your next dinner event.

80’s Dinner Party Ticket Template


Formal dinners following a throwback decade theme will find the 80’s Dinner Party Ticket Template useful. In this ticket template, event organizers do not need to come up with an eighties background theme since this is already included in the template. With this customizable template, all you need to do is fill out the text placeholders with different pieces of information about your dinner event and then print them out.

Anniversary Gala Dinner Ticket Template


The Anniversary Gala Dinner Ticket Template pictured above will suit most formal dinner events due to its elegant gold font color. The mock-up sample above includes wording for a charity ball but the template may be edited to match the specific type of dinner event that you are hosting. This dinner ticket template is available in four color variations (blue, purple, grey, and lavender). It is stored as an Adobe Photoshop layered file so you will be able to edit and customize it if you have the compatible software installed on your computer.

Baseball Rehearsal Dinner Ticket Template


The Baseball Rehearsal Dinner Ticket Template embedded above will fit those who are planning a baseball-themed wedding. Wedding rehearsal dinners are often informal events owing to the fact that it is done in preparation for the big day. With this ticket template, end-users can replace both the images and text on the template with the couple’s own pictures. The template’s color scheme may also be changed if you prefer to match it to your wedding’s theme and motif. Even if this ticket template is only for a rehearsal wedding, it may still be expanded and used as a wedding reception dinner template itself.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ticket Template


The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ticket Template pictured above is another dinner ticket template for those who are planning a baseball-themed rehearsal dinner. Using this kind of dinner ticket template allows you to know who is going to the event and make sure that they are seated accordingly. This dinner template may be less formal but couples who love baseball will surely adore this kind of printable ticket template.

When recreating this themed dinner ticket template on your own, make sure you have included all the necessary event information on the ticket template. This way, guests will not have a problem in getting to the venue or in following a dress code.

Basketball Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ticket Template


Another kind of themed dinner ticket template is the Basketball Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ticket Template featured above. This printable ticket template follows the basic structure of a basketball game ticket. Despite having a sporty theme, couples may still personalize this ticket template by incorporating a couple photograph on the ticket face. Other event details like location, date, and time are added on the ticket sidebar and may be customized depending on your preference.

Bokeh Rehearsal Dinner Movie Ticket Template


As its name implies, the Bokeh Rehearsal Dinner Movie Ticket Template pictured above mimics the structure of a movie ticket while incorporating a sparkly bokeh photography effect background design. This is a fun effect to experiment with especially if you know how to use Adobe Photoshop.

The text placeholders on the ticket template may still be changed to reflect your own dinner event’s details. Other design elements like cursive fonts and swirl patterns may also be added if you prefer.

Damask Rehearsal Dinner Ticket Template


Choose the Damask Rehearsal Dinner Ticket Template if you are planning an elegant dinner event. The template above may show wording for a rehearsal dinner event but it may still be changed to match the kind of ticketed dinner event that you wish to host. To recreate this ticket template, you will need to use high-quality card stock. Those with embedded glitter designs will work well. Cursive and typography fonts will also work well with this kind of dinner ticket template.

Dinner and Dance Event Ticket Template


Some dinner events go well with formal dance extravaganzas. This why Dinner and Dance Event Ticket Templates like the ones pictured above are developed. With this dinner ticket template, attendees to the dinner event are already informed that the event also includes a dancing component. This way, they will know ahead of time that there will be music during the party and that it may be best to bring a partner to the event. These kinds of events are often held and organized by hotels to help boost occupancy rates and sales during holidays.

Dinner Concert Ticket Template


Choose the Dinner Concert Ticket Template if you are planning a two-in-one event. Events like these are often held as fundraisers for community or organization projects. When designing a ticket template for an event like this, make sure to emphasize the fundraising aspect on the wording included in the ticket design. This way, attendees are aware of the good deed/s they are doing while they also enjoy themselves.

Fall Turkey Dinner Event Ticket Template


The Fall Turkey Dinner Event Ticket Template will suit organizations and churches who are planning a dinner event during the Thanksgiving holiday. This type of ticket template will also work as a sample ticket invitation since it lets people know about a future event to be held in their community. When creating a dinner ticket template like this, make sure you use design elements (like autumn leaves, turkey icons, etc.) that are complementary to the holiday you are celebrating.

Formal Dinner Dance Ticket Template


The Formal Dinner Dance Ticket Template may best match a dinner event held at a fine dining restaurant. This template uses elegant fonts that will match any formal occasion. As with any customizable ticket template, you may add or remove any design element and replace it with anything of your preference. This template is available in four color schemes (purple, green, blue, and brown). It is also useful that this ticket template already includes a perforated portion. This makes it easier for ushers and/or receptionists at the event to note your attendance at the event.

Holiday Dinner Ticket Template


Use the Holiday Dinner Ticket Template as featured above if you want to create a distinctly memorable dinner ticket for your planned event. The more luxurious a dinner ticket template design is, the more suitable it is for use as a sample fundraising invitation. Wealthy donors and philanthropists often attend these types of events as a means to help other people while also benefiting from the dinner event itself. As an event organizer, take advantage of this and make sure to use compelling dinner ticket template designs like the one featured above.

Masquerade Ball Dinner Ticket Template


Masquerade balls do not only mean dressing up in masks and ball gowns. This type of event can also include dinner where attendees can dine before they socialize with other party-goers. When organizing an event of this magnitude, accurate information regarding the ball and its accompanying dinner should be included in the invitation card. To organize this process, it is best to use the Masquerade Ball Dinner Ticket Template.

This dinner ticket template is editable and comes in four color variations with a separate invitation card template.What sets this dinner ticket template apart from other ticket template designs is the attention to detail. Each ticket includes a seat or table number and a separate tracking number. To ensure the level of quality in your completed tickets, always use high-quality paper when printing them out.

MLB Rehearsal Dinner Ticket Template


Another creative ticket template design can found in the MLB Rehearsal Dinner Ticket Template. As a rehearsal dinner template, information regarding the wedding and the rehearsal celebration are all included in the template design. It will be up to you if you want to match the font styles, background colors, and other design elements with your own wedding’s theme.

And to make sure that your dinner ticket invitation looks realistic, it may be best to use paper that is of the same quality and thickness as that of a real baseball game ticket.

Royal Celebration Dinner Ticket Template


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, dinner events may be planned for personal celebrations like anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. The Royal Celebration Dinner Ticket Template is an example of a dinner ticket template specifically created for someone’s birthday celebration. If you want to have an air of luxury and royalty in your birthday invitation ticket design, use the ticket template shown above.

This ticket template makes use of elegant cursive fonts and patterns on an all-black background. It may also be used as a debutante’s celebration dinner ticket owing to the vibrant pink and gold font colors that the template uses.

Have you decided what dinner ticket template to use?

This is not an exhaustive list of the only dinner ticket templates available on the internet today. But the ones embedded in this article have the most compelling designs. Choosing one among them may be a problem. But do not fret. There will surely be one template design that will strike you the most. If not, you may create your own original ticket template using the different design inspirations shown on this list. Until then, do not hesitate to refer back to this post.

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