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swirl, or also known as the spiral, is a shape of a coil or a curl. This type of shape can be found anywhere and in anything. In mathematics, it is a curve that originates from a point then moving father away, circling around that particular point of origin. Spirals can also be found in nature itself. Spiral pattern can be found in shells, on the clouds, or at barks of trees.

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A famous incorporation of the swirl shape is in art form. Many are attracted to its somewhat hypnotizing design. There are many types of man-made swirls out there. The delicacy that is the ice cream swirl, the swirl on the hair when ironing it, and, of course, swirl pattern designs. They are a treat to look at, which is why we have provided some swirl or spiral designs in patterns that you can use for your own desires.

Mix the beauty of swirl patterns with that of Floral Patterns from our website for your own use.

Simple Swirl Pattern

simple swirl patternDownload

Swirl Border Pattern

swirl border patternDownload

Vintage Swirl Pattern

vintage swirl patternDownload

Swirl Floral Pattern

swirl floral patternDownload

Swirl Seamless Pattern

swirl seamless patternDownload

Alluring Twist

The swirl or spiral shape has been famous since 10,000 BCE when a spiral-like form has been used as a decorative object found in Mezine, Ukraine. Spiral designs are also found in pre-Columbian art in Latin and Central America. And they are also popular in the Celtic symbol where spirals are everywhere in their artifacts.

Spirals also have their own symbolism. In spirituality, spirals represent the path leading from external awareness into the inner soul. In growth, the spiral can be deciphered in an opposite way, starting from the center and expanding, representing growth. Along with these, there are other implications that the spiral shape has. Here’s a few symbolisms we found out of the spiral or swirl shape:

  • Woman symbol. The swirl is mostly associated as feminine. This is because of its association with life cycles, fertility, and childbirth
  • Cosmos. The people living in ancient time recognized the stars above spun in a central point each night, which today we know that we’re living in a spiral galaxy. Spiral is a symbol of the universe and our place here in the world and the cycles that continually take place in this universe.
  • Change. Much like growth, spirals can also symbolize change. A child is born as as the old dies. There is constant growth and progression. This can also be associated with water as water is always flowing and has no permanence.

Whether you believe in the spiritual symbolism of the swirl, it can’t hurt to try these types of designs at home. So check them out along with some Simplicity Patterns found on our website.

Black and White Swirl Pattern

black and white swirl patternDownload

Swirl Zentangle Pattern

swirl zentangle patternDownload

Abstract Doodle Swirl Pattern

abstract doodle swirl patternDownload

Swirl Gold Colored Pattern

swirl gold colored patternDownload

Colorful Swirl Pattern

colorful swirl patternDownload

The spiral has inspired a whole lot of artists through the centuries. Some of the most famous spiral-inspired art is Robert Smithson’s earthwork Spiral Jetty. There is also the theme of spirals in Spiral Resonance by David Wood. Now these artworks or patterns we have may not be done by these famous artists, but they are very artistic and creative and may be to your liking. Here are some examples and ideas on how to use them:

  • Swirl Border. This pattern is elegant looking and the use of simple colors make it look sophisticated. Perfect to be used as a border of a picture or any writing
  • Black and White Swirl. The bold use of black and white as they compliment each other in this pattern is perfect as a wallpaper or a background for any parties
  • Swirl Zentangle. With zen in its name, this sort of design is relaxing and good for the well-being. Great as wallpapers.
  • Swirl Gold. This pattern screams artistic. The gold clashing with the black stands out beautifully. Should be a great book cover or even invitation designs.

Those are some examples and ideas that these patterns can be used for but are not only limited to those. Show off your creativity with these free, stylish, and elegant swirl patterns. And share to your friends, so they too can make use of these type of patterns.

Our website also offers creative Free Vector Patterns for you to enjoy.

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