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88+ Amazing Collection of Animated Logos to Download

Animated logos highlight your website’s title in a very elegant and stylish manner. They are very essential in attracting visitors to your website. It’s time you took the leap and added some zing to the way your websites’ headings and logos appear to the visitors. Check out some of the best in the business; presented in this list of Best Animated Logos.

Blue Optical Flare with Elegant Particles Logo Build Animation


Heaven Camera Fly through Clouds and Sky Logo Intro Animation

It works with any logo or text and is superb for corporate, business and other websites.

Stylish 3d Rotating Particles Logo Build Animation

It is a wonderful logo with a professional outlook and needs no plugins and is compatible with most of the versions of After Effects.

This is a clean logo with a professional style to accentuate your website title and requires no plugins.

Corporate Logo Build from Pieces with Reflection and Warm Flare Reveal Animation

It is a stylish, fast and fully sounded logo and is perfect for business and corporate website and requires no plugins.

3D Logo Animation Intro

It is a 3D logo which is very easy to edit and works with any text or logo and requires no plugins.

Technocolor Logo Animation

It is a very simple logo with some techno dynamic movement and requires no plugins.

Clean Blue Stardust Glow Particles and Flares Space Logo Reveal Animation

This is a wonderful blue space logo and works with all the latest versions of After Effects.

Warm Flares Particle Bokeh Logo Implosion Intro

This is a very stylish logo with an optical flare and works with any logo/text or image.

Logo Animation

This is a wonderful company logo which can be customized as per your need.

Logo Animation

This is a HD logo which requires Trapcode particular and is very user friendly.

1 Letter Logo Animation

This is a wonderful logo to enhance the look of your website title and requires Adobe After Effects 6.

This stylish logo has background clouds and light glow footage and requires no plugins.

Three Text and Logo Animation

This has 100 % after effects and is very easily editable and requires no plugins for its operations.

Logo Animation

This wonderful and stylish logo requires Optical Flares and Trapcode Particular for its operation.

Shape Logo Animation

This clean and stylish logo requires After Effects 6 to accentuate your style.

After Effects Project – High Energy Logo Animation

This is a wonderful animation logo with shattering effects and requires Adobe After Effects CS3.

Dance Logo Animation

This dance logo animation is made to accentuate your website and requires Adobe After Effects 6.

Logo Animation

This great logo can be used as an introduction to your company and can be customized as per your need.

Circle Logo Animation

This superb and elegant logo can enhance the beauty of your website and requires Adobe After Effects CS4.

Quick and Easy Logo Impact in 2K

This is a quick and easy logo with optical flares and requires no third party plugins.

Ribbon Logo Reveal

It is compatible with After Effects CS4 and CS5 and has well organized compositions and video tutorial.

This is a simple logo that requires Adobe after effects 6.5 and requires no plugins.

This is a HD logo which is easily editable and requires no plugins for its operation.

3d Flying Camera Clean Text and Logo Reveal

This elegant logo works with any image or text and has different camera angles on text layers to give further style.

This is a very elegant animation logo which gives you a great 3D feel and adds value to your video.

Armored Intro

This gives a metal text or logo intro and has help file and sound track included.

3D Logo Presentation (MUSIC INCLUDED)

This requires After Effects CS5 and Videocopilot Optical Flares and has music included with it.

Logo Spin

This is a dynamic and fresh logo with dynamic After Effects; perfect to enhance the style of your website.

Logo 01

In this logo all the particles are pre rendered and is ideal for your logo.

Logo Formation HD

This gives a sand and light effect to your logo and requires Adobe After Effects CS4.

Soft Clean 3D Logo Intro

This is a clean and professional logo with help files included and requires no plugins.

After Effects Project – Clean White Logo Project

This simple and dark logo reveal requires no plugins and has 1 placeholder for your text or logo.

This is perfect for your next logo animation and all the particles and flares are per-rendered.

This perfect logo will make your brand big and really attractive and exciting for your visitors.

3d Glow Particle Space Camera Fly through Logo and Text Intro

This is a blue dynamic logo with flares and particles and requires no plugins and works with any text or logo.

Defect Frame

This is a wonderful HD logo which works with all the latest versions of After Effects and images and music are not included.

Shatterize Logo Reveal

This is a perfect and clean logo for corporate and web intros. It is also fully HD and easy to adjust.

Titles Animation WALHALLA

This comes in two versions, is very easily editable and has unlimited text and placeholders and requires Trapcode Particular to operate.

Magic Logo Reveal

This is a highly professional and requires no plugin and is compatible with the latest versions of After Effects.

It is very flexible and customizable and comes with logo and text placeholder options and needs no plugins.

3d Logo and Text Reveal

The best part about this is that you can edit everything right from colour of the text, lens flares, background, etc.

Title Animation

This title animation is elegant with clouds in the background and you can easily change the text or image.

You can create an elegant animation for your logo with this. It requires After Effects CS4.


Now create professional and elegant designed animation for your website title and attract more visitors.

Whirl Pinch

Now display your logo like a whirl with classic rotation all the way only with Whirl Pinch.


With this you can add a burning effect to your logo and make it look as if it is set on fire.

Molten Core

With this the volcanoes erupt and spew the metals all over your logo. It is also possible to customize your logo colour and background.

Animated Glow

Now give your logo a mysterious glow and choose the colour of the glow and even the colour of the text.


With this you can easily customize the font, size and background colour of the logo to give it the look you want.

This great animated version of the DA logo and helps give a professional and elegant look to your website.

This 3D logo makes your logo look more cinematic and comes up with flares and shadowy areas.

FMA Logo Animation

This is a Full Metal Alchemist logo which makes your website look more sophisticated and beautiful.

Animated dA Logo Smiley

This wonderful Logo smiley will reveal your text and logo giving it an added style and elegance.

Flash Animated Logo Designs

Now get wonderful flash animated designs which require no plugins and are easily customizable.

Now change the colour, text and the font of the logo to give a wonderful finish to your design.

Choose a specific colour and font and animation options and display the text or image with the snow falling all over.

Now spin your text or image and give a wonderful design to your logo with the spinning text logo.

Atmospheric Intro

It requires no plugins and it is very easy to modify and has sound effects included with it.

Shock Intro

This is a very clean and modern animated logo with fully editable text and background and also doesn

Logo Light Strips

It provides logo and text animation with light strips and is easily customizable with a lot of flexibility.

Extruded 3D Logo Broadcast Intro Animation

This clean logo is very easy to edit and works with any text or logo which makes it highly flexible.

3d Corporate Business Logo Flare Creation from Pieces

It depicts text revealing animation with optical flares and works with any logo or text.

Christmas Logo Reveal

This Christmas logo animation makes customization very easy: adding texts, music and much more. It works with Adobe After Effects CS3.

It works from Adobe After Effects 6.5 and above and it requires additional plugin

Blue Bokeh Shatter Flare Logo Intro

This is a blue and stylish animation with shatter particles and optical flares which give your site a beautiful look.

Blue Light Stroke Logo Reveal

This is a clean and stylish animation and serves perfect for trailer promos. It is also very easy to customize.

3d Fly through Logo Intro Reveal Opener

It is a slow and stylish logo animation and works extremely well with any image, logo or text.

Clean SkyFall Logo Reveal

This wonderful plugin is very easy to customize and requires no plugins and has very fast rendering.

It has simple and clean logo animation and requires no plugin and is very easily customizable.

This 3D animation requires no additional software or plugin and has optical flares pre-rendered.

Living Lines Logo Reveal

This is very easy to customize, requires Trapcode Particular 2.0 and you can change any logo or text as you wish.

Fire Logo Reveal

Now reveal your logo with fire and even is compatible with After Effects newest versions.

Flying Text and Logo Rotate Reveal Zoom Animation

This is a clean text and logo rotating animation which requires no plugins and works with any image or text.

Artistic Energy Wave Glow Particles Text and Logo Reveal Intro

It is a blue wave logo and makes use of optical flares and is compatible with higher versions of After Effects.

Logo or Text Particles Forming

This simple and clean animation allows you to display your logo or text in a very elegant way and doesn


This animation template allows you to reveal your logo with style and panache and has easy customization feature too.

This stylish rotating animation can be used for both text and logo and requires no additional plugins.

Plasma Energy Logo Reveal and Disperse

This allows very easy change of colours and even requires plugin Trapcode Form and provides background plasma animation too.

With this you customize everything: colour, font, animation, animation effects and much more.


This wonderful animation works with any logo text or image and can customize everything from colour, font, text, etc.

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