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10+ Packaging Box Templates

A packaging box encases different products to assure that they are safe from different hazards that can affect their appearance and quality. There are a lot of packaging boxes that are already used by different brands which have various features and characteristics. Packaging boxes help a lot in the organization of the stock room of a business because of easy piling, and it also allows the customers to bring their purchases at home properly.

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We can give you samples of packaging box templates if you want to create a packaging box design for yourself or if you are tasked by your employer to create a design that the business will use for its packaging. Other than our packaging box designs, we can also provide you with other downloadable samples of packaging designs in different forms and where various materials are used.

CD Packaging Box Template

Packaging Gift Box Template

Cake Packaging Box Template

Shoe Packaging Box Template

Rectangle Packaging Box Template


Items That Need a Packaging Box

A few of the items that are usually expected to be in a packaging box are as follows:

  • CDs are needed to be in a packaging box to assure that they are not scratched or damaged especially when they are placed inside the bag of the person who purchased them.
  • A cake also needs to be confined within a box for all the details of the cake to not be ruined by sudden movements and other factors so that it will be presented properly in the event where it will be consumed.
  • Shoes, slippers, and other footwear are also needed to be placed in a box to control moisture.
  • Soaps are also placed in a box so that their quality and smell will be retained.
  • Different food items are placed in food boxes if they do not have any soup or too much sauce.
  • Items that are bottled like perfumes are contained in boxes to avoid breakage and other damages, especially if the bottles are made from glass or plastic.

Shapes of a Packaging Box

A box is literally translated as a square, but a packaging box can be any of the following:

  • It can be rectangular in shape, especially if the items that will be placed in them are long, bulky, and fit for a rectangular box.
  • Square-shaped packaging boxes are commonly used for products that are small in nature and those that can be folded and stretched except bottles and the likes.

Other than our packaging box templates, we have other samples of box templates usable for other purposes.

Soap Packaging Box Template

Food Packaging Box Template

Bottle Packaging Box Template


Pizza Packaging Box Template


Square Packaging Box Template


Elements of a Product Packaging Box

A basic product packaging box includes the following details:

  • The name of the business where it will be used
  • The items specifications of the things that are inside the box
  • The design materials that are used to make the product packaging box more appealing

The specifications listed in the product packaging box of the things inside the box may vary and here are a few samples:

  • For food items, it usually includes the date that the food item was made, the kind of food inside the box, the ingredients of the food, a warning label of the common allergens that may have been used to create the food, and the food’s expiration date.
  • For wearable products, it includes the size of the product, the color of the product, the serial number of the item, and other descriptions of the item purchased. In some cases, there are illustrations and even actual photos of the product included in the design.

Aside from our packaging box samples and templates, our paper box templates are also available for download.


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