13+ Children’s Book Templates

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Children’s books need to be engaging and pleasant to the eyes. The captivating features and vibrant colors of a children’s book are what will attract a child to picking it up. To make it easy for authors, we have a variety of unique eye-catching, ready-to-use children’s book templates. These templates are available in several varieties ranging from illustrated templates, children’s magazine templates and so on.

6 Steps to Write a Children’s Book

Step 1: Choose a Format

Choose the best possible format for your book. You can either choose an e-book or a paperback or both. Due to technological advancements, it has become pretty prominent for parents to use both whenever and wherever they can for their children. Narrow down your book categories, i.e, you can put your book in any one of the categories of board books, picture books, trade books, chapter books, middle-grade books, and young adult books. This division mainly depends on your target audience.

Step 2: Understand and Know Your Audience

Writing for children comes with a new set of challenges as one has to be very careful as to what he/she has to write. You have to keep in mind there are mainly two audiences for you- one is the children who utilize your book and the other is their parents(grown-ups), who read the book to their children. Spend time with the age groups you are targeting, so that you get to know your audiences better. Talk to adults- teachers, and parents, so that you have an idea of what that age group might expect you to write for their kids. Have a general idea about who buys, reads, and utilizes the books you’re planning to write as this will help you reach and approach your target audience.

Step 3: Writing Style

The way you write will hugely depend on the age group you keep as your target audience. Use perfect tenses, rhymes as children love them, and talk in either first person (use of “I” and “We”) or third person (he, she, they, etc) only. Your writing style should be simple and easy to understand. You can also see the coupon book template. Remember, your book will have to please parents and teachers just as much as children.

Step 4: Important Elements

It is very important to add elements in your book. These elements could be characters, action scenes, dialogues, and the main storyline. Your idea should be unique and different from the others. It should be written in simple language so that children can easily understand what you are trying to say. Write in your story in such a way that children can easily relate to them in good ways.

Step 5: Decide on the Title of Your Book

The title of your book is what brings you revenue. If this is not eye-catching or attention-grabbing enough, nobody will want to buy your book. If it is, then a lot of people will come to buy your book, just to see how you have justified the title in the story of the book. Your story should be able to connect to the title.

Step 6: Edit and Illustrate

It is rather important for you to get your book edited or edit it yourself because there shouldn’t be any mistakes in the content of the story. Poor grammar, spellings, and others can be easily corrected this way. Illustrations are very important in a children’s book as the kids do search for some colorful pictures in the books they are reading. Choose the perfect orientation of the book, check on the image size, make a beautiful and attractive children’s book cover, be clear on the number of pages and other points that will make your book worthy to buy and read.

13+ Children’s Book Templates

Kid Cookbook Template

kid cookbook template 1
File Format
  • InDesign
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  • Publisher

Size: US, A4


Each template offers different arrangements of text, images, and paragraphs so that you can have the entire recipe you want in an orderly fashion. There is also an eleven printable cookbooks template that we have carefully crafted which brings you a step closer to making a recipe book for yourself.

Kindergarten Cookbook Template

kindergarden cookbook template 1
File Format
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
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  • Publisher

Size: US, A4


Illustrated Children’s Book Template

Illustrated Childrens Book Template

The illustrated children’s book template is colorful, vibrant and filled with doodles and pictures. Ideal for baby book templates too, this template is easy to download and edit. You can check out book templates to get a brief idea of what and how to write any kind of a book, depending on your target audience.

Colorful Children Magazine Template

Colorful Children Magazine Template

The colorful children’s magazine template is very well-spaced and has equal openings for pictures as well as written content. This easy-to-edit magazine template has an excellent layout and can be printed or emailed.

Printable Children’s Activity Book Template

Printable Childrens Activity Book Template

The printable children’s activity book is the best project to give your child. It has a variety of fun activities such as puzzles, coloring pages, mazes, and other fun stuff. The cookbook template is available on our website and it is one which consists of many designs of how to create a perfect cookbook.

Book Advertising Template For Children

Book Advertising Template For Childrens

The book advertising template for children is captivating and colorful. It is the perfect poster to put up at a bookstore for an upcoming book launch or any book event. You can also see the coupon book template in case you want to create coupon books for an event or party.

Children’s Book PowerPoint Template

Childrens Book Power Point Template

This children’s book template is the right template for textbooks and reading books. With a mixture of graphs, charts, presentation contents, icons, and other related textbook material, it is easily available in a PowerPoint format.

Children’s Photo Book Template

Childrens Photo Book Template

This template can be easily and instantly downloaded anytime, anywhere. It has a broad range of fonts, digital forms, overlays, photographs, etc. The template can be easily edited in popular photo editing programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Children’s Comic Book Template

Childrens Comic Book Template

When creating a comic book, it is essential that the graphics of the comic book are vibrant and captivating. This ready-to-use comic book template makes the job easy for artists. With several different speech bubbles, blank speech bubbles and other options to choose from, this template is an absolutely must use.

Children’s Play Fun Book Template

Childrens Play Fun Book Template

As the name suggests, the play fun book template has options to add various kinds of educative and fun projects. This easily editable template has tons of fun children’s recipes, building, and construction project ideas, and so on.

Certificate Template For Children

Certificate Template For Children

When young children participate in summer classes and courses, it is necessary to give them a certificate, on completion of the course. With the help of our ready-to-use and attractive certificate templates, children will be motivated to participate more actively in such classes.

Planets and Bugs Children’s Book Template

Planets and Bugs Childrens Book Template

Kids are always eager to learn more about planets, the solar system, and even bugs and insects. Our Planets and Bugs templates for children are informative and educative and a great way for kids to learn.

Children’s Cook Book Template

Childrens Cook Book Template

Does your child dream of becoming the next Master Chef? Our cookbook templates are just the thing for you. These templates allow the kids to design their very own cookbook with several recipes and pictures. There is an ample amount of book cover designs available on any book you want to write for any age group.

Balloon-abilities Children’s Book Template

Balloonabilities Childrens Book Template

The Balloon-abilities children’s book template is ideal for those kids who enjoy making balloon figures. This template is easy to download and comes with vibrant and colorful pictures. Receipt book templates are rather important for people who have to show receipts as proof of sale or purchase.

The book templates for children make it easy for parents and teachers to provide their young ones with creative projects and things to do. So if you’re looking to get your child to reduce the number of hours he spends in front of the television, select a project from the above-given children’s menu templates.

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