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What Is a Student ID Card?

A student ID, in some it is known as a campus card, is an identifying document supporting a student's status. Student ID cards are usually valid for one semester or two and must be renewed or extended after that. There are different designs of student ID cards depending on the school's preference. This is to easily recognize the student acquiring the horizontal or vertical ID card. In addition, it can also be used in processing official documents.

How to Make a Student ID Card?

student id card template

The tricky part of creating a student ID would only be the layout and design; apart from that, it is just so easy. In a typical university student ID card, you could see the basic information of the student who owns the ID card such as the full name, student ID number, name of the school, and the currently attended semester. Some colleges or universities may include exclusive privileges of the ID card holder like amenities or services. All in all, it's all you have to know to make a good student ID card. To make it even better, here is a guide we made to help you with your student ID making.

1. Think of a Layout

By thinking of your student ID card's layout means foreseeing what your card would look like as a finished product. Decide what color you want to use. We know you would settle for a single colored or creative ID card. It's acceptable to have it in multicolor, but just make sure it's not overwhelming the card in general. Also, predict which part of the card you would want the picture to be placed before starting the layout to make space for other elements. Plan the proportion and placement very well.

2. Start Editing the Card

This part is working on your template. Fill your student ID card with the holder's basic information and include full name, contact person, name of the school, student ID number, ID picture, and student's signature. If there is a piece of information you would want to include, don't forget to make a room for it. This is also when you apply what your preassumptions (in number 1) for your secondary or college ID card.

3. The Student Picture

This is the most demanding element of your student ID card format, so better to make the best move. Taking a picture for a student identification card could be a very crucial task to do. Once the picture is produced, there is no turning back, so make it count. To make a good ID picture, here are tips: smile a bit, be steady, look at the camera, and sit with a proper posture. In the end, we all want to have a flattering ID picture to complement our ID cards.

4. Don't Forget the Affixes

The holder's signature will prove the authenticity of the identification card. Also, the identification card includes the signature of the highest positioned official of the school, usually the school president. With this, your identification card will be official and acceptable.

5. ID Card Validation

There should be a space provided for the card's proof of validation. The validation will keep your card up to date. If there is no validation, it means the term of the card (see sample ID card terms and conditions) to be valid and official is over. Without validation, the card can't be accepted.

6. Print the ID Card

To print your ID card, use a high-quality printer to achieve the best caliber of the card. Usually, low-quality printing leads to make the card easily broken and fade. Also, use the best quality medium to which the student or professional ID card is printed on.

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