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Red is a powerful color. It is often interpreted as a positive color associated with physical needs and masculine energy. It is a color of strong emotion and strong motivation. People pick this color for a lot of reasons and a lot of representations as well. Despite its variety, this color is looked up to because of its attractiveness.

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Logos and advertisements, for example, maximize the color red for a reason. Well, generally, not all prefer this color, but it has been chosen for being able to effortlessly stand out.

Red Bull Logo Vector

red bull logo vector Download

Red Background Vector

red background vector Download

Free Red Banner Vector

free banner red vector Download

Red Ribbon Vector

red ribbon vector Download

Red Carpet Vector

red carpet vector Download

Red Logo Samples

All shades of red are indeed noticeable no matter how small it is used in detail. Notice that you would see just about any shade in red commonly used. Warning signs or hazard symbols are great examples. These are marked red for a reason and that is to establish abrupt warnings as it catches more attention faster than anything.

Other than warning signs and hazard symbols, know why these logos or symbols are red for a reason:

  • CNN. This is the American television news channel which stands for Cable News Network. Ever wonder why those three letters are bold in red? The color simply depicts dedication, which the network is trying to deliver. It creates a trademark for their passion to deliver reliable news.
  • KFC. This could only be one example of the many fast food chain logos that are mostly represented in red. In terms of food, this attracts customers mainly because the color red also means hunger and at the same time memorable.
  • Coca-Cola. This logo in red strategically increases your heart rate as a consumer. It displays some urgency to buy that makes it known as in impulse product.

You might want to try out these Retro Graphic Vectors and download these never-seen-before designs!

Floral Red Vector

floral red vector Download

Wave Red Vector

wave red vector Download

Gradient Red Vector

gradient red vector Download

Red Heart Vector

red heart vector Download

Maple Red Leaf Vector

maple leaf red vector Download

The Color Red

Here’s why Valentine’s Day and Christmas Day all look better when celebrated in red. Here’s why a birthday celebrant is often associated with wearing or be in anything red. Here’s why emotional expressions are represented better in red. Here are a lot more reasons why this color stands out and is widely used in almost everything.

  • Emotional. This color surprisingly is a color for building and maintaining relationships. This includes joyous, intimate connections and emotional bonds.
  • Attention. This color undeniably attracts audiences in so many ways. No matter how small, it actually highlights anything that needs to be marked. Errors marked in red is one concrete example of how much noticeable this color is.
  • Good luck. It may vary in different cultures but most traditions consider red as a color of good luck. Chinese and Japanese culture is always associated with this color that is later on adopted by most Asian cultures.

Everything above mentioned could just be an overview of the several meanings brought about by this color. It represents a lot of things according to different beliefs and traditions. In almost all its shade, it is still seen as something from the extremes.

Check out these Free Vector Art and make use of these readily available vectors!

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