11+ Grant Writing Templates – Free Sample, Example Format Download

In the past era, where letters were the only way to communicate, everyone loved to write long and explanatory letters for communicating in detail. But with the advent of technology and the presence of pager, mobiles, emails, and video chats, the scope of writing letters is becoming too small. In most of the government organizations and corporations, letter writing is limited to sending business proposals, introducing a new policy or procedure, or requesting something from the public or some other department.

grant writing template

The grant proposal writing templates enable you to write a short, clean, crisp, detailed, and well-presented letter with ease, without bothering much about page adjustments and margin settings. Take a look at the template we have for you!

Writing the Grant Proposal Template

writing the grant proposal template
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Grant Budget Template

grant budget template
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Size: A4, US


Grant Proposal Template

grant proposal template
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Free Grant Application Template

free grant application template
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Non-Profit Organisation Sample Grant Writing

non profit organisation sample grant writingThe Non-Profit Organisation Sample Grant Writing template is one of the best solutions to write, frame, and publish/send impactful grant letters for raising funds or charities to support a common cause. All these templates can be great use while asking someone for funding your project, requesting charity or donations from NGO members, and announcing a big event or gathering that requires one’s presence. The template is designed in segments and blank fields that you can use to define your organization’s mission, vision, cause of writing the letter, your address and contact details, and the receiver’s address and contact info.

Proposal Writing for Grant Funding Example

proposal writing for grant funding exampleThe Proposal Writing for Grant Funding template offers an excellent opportunity to draft a grant letter that includes a proposal or request to support a cause. All these readymade templates come with a pre-define space for mentioning addresses of both the parties, and a subject line to write down the purpose of the letter in brief. The entire letter format comes with separate sections and fields to help you write your details in relevant sections without wasting much time in page adjustments, logo placement, and shrinking the grids and columns for better synchronization.

Writing a Successful Grant Application Example

writing a successful grant application example

Scientific Grant Proposal Writing Template Sample

scientific grant proposal writing templateWorking in a scientific firm or an organization that conducts research about science and technological developments is quite interesting. However, writing grant letters to describe a purpose, requirements, reason, and outcome of a particular research is quite difficult. To help you with the same, a set of readymade Scientific Grant Proposal Writing Template is available to assist you in this task. The template comes with sections for writing details about particular things including brief summary of the project, why the research is required, what is the expected outcome, how the project will progress, and many others.

Purpose of Grant Writing:

Grant writing template available in Microsoft Word serves the basic purpose of requesting funds from government or private organizations. The grant writing template helps in putting up an application that clearly talks about the program proposed, funds needed, goals , targets etc. Check the Resume Writing Templates that are available online for more.

Sample Grant Request Letter Writing Template

grant request letter writing template in doc

Techniques for Grant Writing Template Example

techniques for grant writing template

Tips to use Grant Writing Template for Positive Results:

Getting funds form either government organizations or private foundations and trust isn’t an easy job. One needs to be focused and clear when writing a grant proposal. Certain tips that will help you write an effective grant through the use of grant writing templates are:

  • Needs of funds must be clearly stated.
  • Adhering to the formatting approved by the funding organization is a must.
  • State about the programs that the funds will cover.
  • State the duration and intricate details about the project.

Grant Proposal Writing Template Sample

grant proposal writing template in pdf

Peaceful Playgrounds Grant Writing Template Example

peaceful playgrounds grant writing template


Why You Must Use These Readymade Templates?

If you’re fond of writing a lot of letters or your job role includes letter or grant writing, then these readymade templates can be of great use. The template comes with great customizations, modifications, and easily editable features that can help you stay productive without wasting much of your time. Since most of these templates are available on the web for free, you can easily download and use them to save a lot of money and effort. The templates enable you to stay formal in your letter writing layout and help you to present each thought of yours clearly.


These grant writing templates are available for free download and you can customize them as per your specific requirements to serve your purpose of letter writing. The templates are available in various versions and formats of MS Word and PDFs to ensure that your message gets delivered in the right manner.

Each of these templates comes with a sample page to help you get an idea about where you can place your pre-defined text to make your final letter appear highly professional and clutter-free. If you’re looking for a quick solution to make your formal letters look more professional and attractive, then these templates can be highly helpful in making assorted letters in no time.

General FAQs

1. What is Grant Writing?

A grant writing can be defined as writing in which details of how an amount of money that is given to someone by a government, a company, etc. is used for a certain purpose. A grant wiring can be for anything, like scientific research, experiments, defense grants, etc.

2. What is the purpose of Grant Writing?

Grants are funds that are handed out to a recipient or organization by a government department, foundation or corporation to fund a specific project. For this to happen smoothly, a grant should be written. This can be an application, proposal or document that is submitted to a potential funder.

3. What should be included in Grant Writing?

The following details must be included in a grant writing:

  • Executive summary
  • Organization description in detail
  • Statement of need or the problem statement that needs to be solved
  • Project objectives with a quick synopsis
  • Project description in detail
  • Evaluation and assessment of the project
  • Budget, etc.

4. Who can write a Grant?

If your organization has never applied for funding from the government, then you can get your grant written by a grant writer. He/she will educate your staff so that you can move your grant writing in-house later on. Professional grant writers, government officials, etc. can write the grant as they are professionals and know what needs to be mentioned.

5. What are the benefits of Grant Writing?

There are many benefits of writing a grant. Some of them are:

  • Economic benefit of receiving a grant
  • Helps achieve long-term goals through grant applications
  • Helps discuss and refine goals
  • Helps develop a sharper focus on the tasks and projects required to success
  • Allows developing perseverance amongst managers, etc.