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What is the Student Organizational Chart?

A student organizational chart is a physical representation of the "chain of command" in a student organization. It is used for school governance and student councils. This chart informs both the members of the organization and school faculty who to turn to with matters concerning the organization.

How to Make a Student Organizational Chart?

Creating a student organizational chart can be a great bonding moment as it gives a sense of ownership and sentiment to the group. The following tips can help you improve on your work as well as guide you in making your chart so you don't get lost in all the laughter and good times.

1. Design Your Background

Be creative. This is the only part of this simple chart where you get to design without limits so take the opportunity. You can use color schemes based on your organizational colors or even things like the university mascot or the classic student government emblem. There are so many things you can do here so have fun while doing it.

2. Create a Layout of Guidelines

The guidelines are there not only as a pattern for you to follow when placing pictures and information. This large organizational chart serves as an indicator for those who look at your chart as to who's the leader and their staff. Thus, don't take them for granted. You can start by making a draft of the guidelines to see how they fit, then you can adjust accordingly before placing in the permanent pattern.

A quick tip: organizational charts, as a whole, follow a certain layout. Horizontal guidelines indicate equal decision-making among the members while vertical lines are the usual structure and usually based on the chain of command within your organization. This can look a bit like a pyramid starting with the highest positioned officer, followed by the 2nd in command, then the staff, then the representatives, and so on.

3. Arrange Members Accordingly

Now that you've got your guidelines, partially arrange your members based on your chosen layout. You can stick with the suggested style above or you can arrange your members by department. Whatever or however you decide to arrange your members, do take note of the small tip mentioned before. Once you're done partially arranging them and you're all happy with your work, you can permanently place them on their own location.

4. Use Decent Pictures

Yes, it can be tempting to mess around but do remember that your student organizational chart will be for everyone to see. Take decent photos, get your mom to dust off that suit you rarely wear, and make an effort to look your best on that photo. Taking such quality picture matters because once it's there, the only way it's coming off is if you quit your position, or if someone didn't use enough glue.

5. Gather Necessary Information

What necessary information you may ask? Well, these are the full names of all your members, their positions in the organization, and the department they belong to. Once you have that, you can place them under their respective pictures and your organizational chart will be complete and (hopefully) amazing. When you're done, you can place it anywhere near your office to be a testament to your brand of student service, thus, take good care of it.

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