Identification cards or IDs serve as your tool of identity when entering an establishment. When you get involved in an accident, your ID contains a piece of information that will be used to contact your immediate family. ID Cards don't have to be bland---make use of's ID Card Templates. Our template is ready-made with high-quality, printable, and beautifully designed content. To suit your preferences, we have also made them 100% customizable. Easily Editable in all versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, MS Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages. Download and create one for your school, business, or organization now!

What Is an ID Card?

An ID card is a crucial document of any individual that makes them unique from another based on their particular information. It is used for security, identification, access, and several other purposes. Organizations and institutions like school, a business, corporations, etc uses ID cards for safe and secured operation and smooth functioning without any external threat and breach. Corporate ID cards, in a way, promote order and a sense of security from the simple ID badge down to the high tech biometrics and others. ID cards are a necessity for any organization or institution.

Often, ID cards are needed for verification of payment for any transaction. Credit card use, for instance, requires additional ID cards to match the owner of the credit card and the one doing the deal.

Professional ID cards make tracking and monitoring of employees faster and easier. With each ID card containing a different passcode, easily track down usage for equipment or facilities. Better working relationships are also achieved through ID cards. By having a name displayed on the map, colleagues will quickly get to know their fellow employees.

How to Create an ID Card?

As the name itself implies, printable ID cards verify our identification and prove that we are who we say we are. ID cards also provide access and result in increased security for any premises or locations. Granting and limiting access is done through the use of magnetic ID card badges.

To make an ID Card for your professional use, read through our guidelines below.

1. Make Use of Our Templates

Creating your blank ID Cards from scratch will require a lot from you. Save your time by downloading one of's ID Card Templates. Change the preformatted content to your heart's content.

2. Fill in the Necessary Details

Once you have downloaded the appropriate template for your ID Cardmaking, fill in the necessary details. These details include the name and logo of the establishment, image of the ID Cardholder, name, and designation. This information should be displayed in front of the creative ID card.

For the back portion, display the contact information of the cardholder in case of an emergency. You should include the address of the company (in case the card is lost), and the signature of the holder.

3. Add Designs

Your ID Cards don't have to be dull. Add some spark to it by giving a splash of color and minimal design. Your ID Card should be visible upon entrance. So do not overload it with over decorative designs and bright colors. To be safe, use your company colors and maintain as much white space as possible.

4. Print

Pat yourself on the back! Your simple ID card is now ready for printing. Choose a printing service provider that will give justice to your layout. Decide on the number of ID Cards you will be printing. For added security, you may add holographic overlays.

5. Select an Appropriate Accessory

ID Cards should be displayed wherein it is visible to security. You may add a badge holder, clip, or a lanyard to accessorize your modern ID card. You can also personalize your lanyards by adding your company's name, design, and colors.

Participating organizations also provide benefits to ID cardholders of partner companies. Be it a free workout in a gym or discounts from a store, ID cards are useful when entering or doing business with partner establishments.

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