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10+ Food Order Form Templates – Word, Docs

For many businesses, it is possible to use order form templates as a means of making order forms for clients’ convenience. After all, there are a number of advantages to using such tools which businesses would do well to take advantage of. One kind of order form is food order forms, which have proven themselves useful for food service, as evidenced by the fact that so many food-related businesses do in fact use them.

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There are different forms that food order forms could take, such as menu order forms. One can argue that food order forms are themselves effectively menus, albeit they work from a distance, such that a restaurant is generally meant to deliver food to clients. When it comes to making your own food order forms for your own business, it pays to have the tools and knowledge so as to make them properly, such as order templates, among others.

Sample Food Order Template

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Restaurant Menu Order Form Sample

Template for Food Order Form

Advance Menu Order

Cafe Order Form

What Businesses Can Use Food Order Forms?

As there are a number of different food order forms available, you may benefit from knowing exactly which businesses can make use of sample food orders so as to apply the knowledge yourself. After all, these insights could go some way to ensuring that you make the most of the order sheets if you should use them yourself.


Restaurants do themselves use documents like menu order forms, which you can see in the case of food deliveries. After all, it is possible to spot the similarities between an order form and a menu considering that these documents are what allow you to place orders for food. All this does allow restaurants to extend their scope beyond their actual premises.


Catering may be the most blatant example of a food-related business in need of order forms Luckily there are catering order forms that can be used if you need to provide such service. Unlike many other examples, catering businesses are unique in that they can also provide supplementary services other than cooking and delivering food.


Like restaurants, bakeries also have sample bakery orders that enable them to provide food beyond what they serve on their premises. In the case of bakeries, since they provide cakes and pastries there is often overlap between their food order forms and event order forms. After all, it is entirely possible to hire the services of bakeries to provide pastries for special events, similar to regular catering businesses.

Blank Food Order Forms

Lunch Order Form

Food To-Go Order

Catering Order Form

Functions of Food Order Forms

These sample order forms are also capable of certain functions that contribute to their convenience as tools. Having some knowledge of these functions should make them all the more useful to you. After all, knowing the ins and outs of what you need to use for your work simply enables you to understand them better.

Specifying Orders

First and foremost, these forms allow clients to state exactly what it is they want in that particular order. This is generally the most vital part of any kind of order form. This is unsurprising when you consider that such forms need to make clear exactly what clients want. That is just the kind of information any business would need to make sure that they meet the needs of their clients so as to maximize customer satisfaction.

Providing Options

All kinds of food order forms allow clients a clear view of what options they have available. Nowadays, thanks to modern conveniences that also applies to new forms of such order forms like email orders. Even the fact that customers can use order forms in lieu of appearing in person is itself another option. This function helps contribute to these forms being such conveniences for clients, being that there are not only multiple options for available food, but there is even the option of the business itself delivering the food to the customers directly.

Number of People Attending

This is a function generally seen in food order forms that overlap with event orders, which usually includes catering and bakery order forms. In cases of events like weddings and parties, it helps if the forms can provide numbers for how many guests are expected. This makes it much easier to know how many people to prepare food for, which would prove to be a convenience for both parties.


Since food is generally meant to be delivered straight to clients, blank order templates are also able to include information on the client’s chosen venue, if not the actual address. Since the forms are able to include this information, this provides basic convenience for both parties. Clients only need to state where they need their order sent, while the caterers know where the food needs to go in advance, which allows them to focus on each step of the order.

Providing Packages

Like other kinds of order documents, it is entirely possible for a given business’ order form to include packages. This is advantageous in that allows clients to have a package containing different offerings all at once. This can prove to be a factor that brings in more business, as a caterer can provide more offerings at a time for comparatively lower costs.

Stating Deadlines

This can be an especially important function for a food-related service. After all, in cases where a large number of people are expected to attend a given event, it is vital for a form to include deadlines so as to prepare the caterers of any developments well ahead of time. This also includes any cancellations, as caterers generally charge extra fees if not informed of such changes in a timely manner.

Allowing for Price Calculation

Many order forms also contain the prices of individual food items, along with quantities. This allows both parties to calculate the prices for themselves up to the total price if necessary. This can serve to let both parties check that they come to the same sum, which can go some way toward avoiding any disputes.

Including Billing Information

These forms also allow clients to list what payment method they can use to pay for their order. This can take different forms, as many clients have a number of ways to pay for orders. Naturally, forms are generally able to take these varied methods into account, which provides the business with fair warning of a client’s method early.

Food Order Form Templates

Sample Catering Menu

Generic Catering Menu

Menu Order Form

Tips for Writing Food Order Forms

As with writing other kinds of documents, there are a number of different tips you may take advantage of yourself. After all, when using delivery order templates as a basis, you should take care to remember to keep certain guidelines in mind so as to ensure that your resulting order forms are as well-made as possible.

Never forget to include instructions concerning deadlines.

It always pays to remember to include these instructions in any free order forms you use yourself. After all, if any developments occur, particularly any unexpected ones, then it would be wise to remind your clients of how you want them dealt with so as to give yourself time to react accordingly. One example is in the case of cancellations, as you would like to avoid wasting effort and ingredients.

State if you offer additional services beyond food and delivery.

Following the example of some sample delivery orders you may have seen previously, you should also state in your forms what other services you offer if any. After all, many catering companies also provide additional services like setting up the venue and serving during the event. It would be wise to state whether you offer such services so as to make whether you do or not clear to your clients.

Provide multiple options.

Being that your clients are likely to have different tastes, it would also be wise to have as wide a selection as possible so as to satisfy the needs of as wide a population as possible. After all, this would be a prudent move to attract a larger customer base since you can meet all kinds of possible needs.

Include space to put necessary dates.

It is vital that your form also has space for dates so that you can stay aware of all deadlines related to any jobs you might have at the time. This serves to help you find out how much time you have available for a given job and tells you how much time you have among all your different events so that you can manage your time properly.

Also, include space for contact information.

Your sample orders always include space for clients to include their contact information, as well as your own. This allows you and your clients to stay in contact with one another, which would be invaluable in case you need to inform one another of anything before the time of the event.

Never forget payment information.

It is also vital that you include payment information. While this is primarily meant to allow your client to know how to pay you, this also serves to ensure that you are paid after all the time and effort spent on a given job. After all, you can use the information listed on the form to determine if your clients are capable of paying just to be certain that you are not wasting time and effort.

These templates and insights should serve you well if you ever see the need to make use of food orders for your own business. Of course, this can only be beneficial for you since it allows you more opportunities when it comes to your business.

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