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16+ Insertion Order Templates – Google Docs, Google Sheets

Insertion order is an agreement that is formed between an advertiser and a publisher for the purpose of running a campaign or advertisement. You can create an insertion order with the help of our order templates as they can help add new requests or orders made by a customer. You can also mark down all the payments that each customer must pay for the advertising campaign.

The template will make sure those additional changes in the account demanded by a customer will be calculated up in a swift manner without missing any items that are added. You can personalize order templates to make a legitimate receipt you can have in any business of yours. You may also see the repair order template.

Insertion Order Template

insertion order template
File Format
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Numbers
  • Pages

Size: A4, US

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Anyone who wishes to run ads on any particular site will need to form an agreement with the site’s owner before the ad can be published. If you are the site owner, then you can download this insertion order template sample that will guarantee the advertiser the right to post ads on your site, as long as all of the terms and conditions are accepted. Help point out the payment needed in order for the ads to be displayed by editing this template in the available file formats now!

Advertising Insertion Order Template

advertising insertion order template
File Format
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Numbers
  • Pages

Size: A4, US

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Instantly create an authorization agreement so that you can print an advertisement or broadcast a commercial by using our premium Advertising Insertion Order Template. Upon using this ready-made template, you can include instructions regarding the insertion of dates, ad size, ad placement, pricing structure, costs, and other information. Minimally edit this insertion order template and send it to the advertisers once completed. Download now!

print insertion order template
File Format
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Numbers
  • Pages

Size: A4, US

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You will find this ready-made print insertion order template in Excel highly useful as you can provide it to clients for the purpose of commercials and advertisement campaigns. This file is perfect for people who are in the business areas that require handling and introducing their business proposals, products, or services in media to many people. Do not miss out on this template, hurry up and download it now!

How to Create an Insertion Order in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Open a New File

The insertion order can be created easily if at all one follows the right steps. Firstly, start by opening a new document in a file format. This file format could either be MS Excel, MS Word, Google Docs, or Pages. Once you open the new document, write down the title as “insertion order” at the topmost section of the page. This will serve as a header.

Step 2: Company Information

Next, leave space for information regarding the company to be filled out. Include details such as contact number, email, address, and name of the advertiser in the simple order template.

Step 3: Agency Details

After the company information is stated, proceed to enter the agency details. This should consist of the name of the ad agency along with their other details such as contact number, email, address, and issue month.

Step 4: Rates and Specifications

Once the above essential details are noted, move on to the next important section of the document i.e the rate and specifications of the advertisement. You can insert a tabular column here so that you can enter the advertising details such as the category, size, cost per impressions, and the rate.

Step 5: Payment Terms

The final step would be for you to include the terms of the payment in the order template in PDF. You can mention the terms relating to the refunds, cancellation, as well as the duration of the advertisement.

Insertion Order Template in Excel, Apple Pages, Numbers Format

insertion order
File Format
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Numbers
  • Pages

Size: A4, US

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Sample Insertion Order Template Download

sample insertion order template download | This is a sample Insertion Order Template which consists of the company’s logo and a complete description/name of order. It has fields for entering information relating to the Size, Edition, Rate, subtotal, additional production and contract detail. The other important details are firm, address, city, billing address, and E-mail, etc.

Example Template for Online Advertising Insertion Order

example template for online advertising insertion order | This is an Insertion Order Template for online advertising. It has contact info and Insertion details. The other details that are given in this are the date, contact name, agency name, company name, telephone, e-mail, ad start date, ad end date, description, etc.

An Example Order Template for Digital Media Insertion

an example order template for digital media insertion | This Insertion template mentioned provides an example of a digital media insertion. It has an insertion order deadline and sends an invoice to detail. The other basic details are client/company, contact, e-mail, agency, phone, purchase order number, date and address, etc.

Work Order Agreement Template Document Free Download

work order agreement template document download | This work order Agreement template has a detail of different work order agreement. It has details such as confidential information, contract, data records, enterprise standards, data records, portal fees, state, State web portal, and work order request, etc.

Insertion Order Meter Example Form Download

insertion order meter excel form download | This insertion order meter form is a tabular form of data. It is purely a table with details such as Flow meter model, application information, meter tag information, application information, gas type, pipe size and pipe schedule type, etc.

Information Insert Order Sample Template Download

information insert order template excel download | This information insert order template is a template for placing information orders. It is divided into small blocks of information like acquisition costs, O & M costs, costs associated with TIPS involvement and O & M Costs, etc.

Marketing Plan Insertion Order Template Example Format

marketing plan insertion order template excel format | This marketing plan insertion order template is a very useful tool for market planners. It is divided into different attributes such as Activity Type, Activity description, start date or event date, location, currency, cost in currency and expected no. of leads, etc.

Campaign Insertion Order Template Free Download

campaign insertion order template pdf download | This template is for placing campaign insertion orders. It is a form with a large amount of data. Different details in it are billing reference, booking information, notes, special instructions, contact details and order by, etc.

Simple Document for Insertion Order Template

simple document for insertion order template | This is a very simple and a generalized form for placing any kind of orders. It gives basic details such as the advertiser’s name, website, facebook, twitter, Instagram, phone no. and e-mail.

print insertion order template pdf format | This insertion order template is printable. It places insertion orders. It displays details such as Company information(name, person, telephone, e-mail, signature), advertising information, marketing information, the total cost of the order and other additional information.

An Example Template for Insertion Order Compliance Calculator

an excel template for insertion order compliance calculator

Advertising Insertion Order Form Free Sample Template Download

advertising insertion order form free pdf template

Simple Insertion Order Template Free Download

simple document for insertion order template

Sample Magazine Insertion Order Form Download

pdf magazine insertion order form

Document for Official Insertion Order Template

document for official insertion order template

Our samples and professionally designed blank insertion order templates can be instantly downloaded anytime, anywhere. As they come with content that is already professionally written, you do not have to forgo any of your precious time trying to make one from the very start.

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