10 Attractive Admission Ticket Templates

Have you been to an event or location where tickets are handed out? Chances are the words “admission” or “admit one” are written on it. Admission tickets are useful for activities where only a specific number of guests are allowed in the venue. Tourist spots and music festivals which see around a thousand visitors per day also require admission tickets for safety purposes.

With regard to graphic design, admission tickets have been used not only for event admissions but for other occasions as well. Birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations have used admission ticket designs in their concepts. Using admission ticket designs is a creative way to make designs and diverts from the common designs used in invitations, flyers, posters, and other forms of print media. Here are some of the best and most affordable admission ticket templates if you are planning to host an event anytime soon.

Orange and Black Admit One Halloween Party Ticket Card

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This Halloween party admission ticket template won’t give you any problems as the designer will be doing all the work for you. All you need is to input the event details (intro, hosts, date and time of event, address, RSVP details, etc.), ticket size and shape, and print type (standard or high definition). Two sizes are available (5″ x 7″ portrait or 7″ x 5″ landscape) and you can also choose from eight additional sizes, six shape styles, and 12 unique paper types and colors. The template is also printed in high quality, full-color paper with full-bleed printing on both sides. This template costs $2.36 ($0.49 postage rate) with standard white envelopes included.

The design of this template resonates with a spooky Halloween vibe that will most definitely excite your guests. The stained paper background with skull and spider web images add to the invitation’s Halloween look. Halloween is just creeping around the corner so purchase this now while they’re still available.

Willy Wonka Birthday Admission Ticket

screenshot from 2017 10 16 14 59 29

Take a trip to the chocolate factory with this Willy Wonka birthday admission ticket template. This template contains 18 labels per sheet and has a 2″l x 3.75″ label dimension and 8.5″l x 11″ sheet dimension. Any pen can be used in this template due to its matte finish and printing is inkjet-compatible. The designer also advises users to add 1/16″ bleed in the design’s 1.25″ x 2.375″ space to ensure the highest quality print. This template costs $3.20 and requires no extra effort for the customer as the designer will be sending the design once purchase has been completed.

Willy Wonka’s golden ticket is one of the most popular designs used in any event. The shining gold background is enough to attract guests and the Willy Wonka character himself also adds to the appeal. Any design with gold sprinkled on it—either the text, background, borders or images—always looks more visually stunning and will certainly be a hit among the guests.

“Admit One” Skinny Business Card

screenshot from 2017 10 16 15 00 11 e1508138352591

Business card designs need not be formal at all times as the designs can use a combination of formal and casual details. This “admit one” skinny business card template is a unique way to present your portfolio to clients. It has a casual design but it still retains the look of a formal business card in which images are seldom used and serif type font styles are utilized. This template has a nice pinkish cream with a light burnt effect background, and uses a combination of font styles to make it an interesting yet attractive admission template.

This business card template uses a 3.0″ x 1.0″ size, full color CMYK print process, and double-sided printing at no additional cost. Costing $17.95 (contains 100 pieces), this template also lets customers sit back and wait for their item to arrive as they only need to fill up the text box and then select the paper type and size on the designer’s page. The designer will immediately create the final design once the purchase has been completed.

Red “Admit One” Ticket Invitation

screenshot from 2017 10 16 15 00 32 e1508138359277

This “admit one” ticket invitation template is simple yet engaging and will definitely grab the attention of your guests. The template has a 5″ x 7″ (portrait) or 7″ x 5″ (landscape) size in which 12 paper styles and colors, eight sizes and six shape styles are available. Printing is available in standard and high definition with the final product having high quality, full-color, and full-bleed on both sides. This template only costs $2.27 (with $0.49 postage rate) and comes with standard white envelopes. Similar to the other templates, the designer will be making the final products once a purchase has been made.

This admission ticket template uses a unique red cloud effect in the background with a vintage cinema style font used for the text. The vintage font styles are very attractive and add another layer of detail to the overall template design. Vintage designs have always been a popular design choice used all the time for various events and occasions, so this is definitely a good option.

Red Movie Ticket Birthday Party Card

screenshot from 2017 10 16 15 01 14 e1508138375700

Chinese tradition has always associated the color red with birthday celebrations as it symbolizes luck, happiness, and joy. Red has similar representations in other cultures as it symbolizes strength, love, and courage. The striking dark red-colored background and large fonts are more than enough to convince your guests to attend the event.

This template also has a 5″ x 7″ (portrait) or 7″ x 5″ (landscape) size with 12 paper styles, eight additional sizes, and six shape styles to choose from. Two printing options are also available (standard and high-definition) with high quality, full-color, and full-bleed printing on both sides. This template only costs $2.15 ($0.49 postage rate) with standard white envelopes included. The designer will also be doing the design once event details have been filled up in the designer’s profile and the payment has been paid.

Noir Event Ticket Admit Card Design

cover 1  e1508138313194

Are you looking for a template design which has a minimalist noir theme? Then purchase this template which only costs $6. This template is available in two colors (red with white background and red with black background) and is compatible with Adobe Illustrator, EPS (version 10 or newer), and PDF. This template also contains drag-and-drop transparent PNGs and high resolution JPEG image files. Also available in this template are two colors having a blue and white combination.

Noir themes use red, black and white colors to perfection and this template applies a little bit of Noir to the design’s final look. This is an example of a fantastic minimalist design which doesn’t have too much detail and only relies on color and text.

Brown and Black Concert Pass / Party Ticket

3 mockup  e1508138386928

This $6 concert pass / party ticket template uses brown and black hues while also incorporating the photo of a performer. This is a fully customizable 9″ x 3″ (0.25 bleed) template which can be used for other events as well. Text layers, colors, and shape layers can be easily edited with a single click. The template is also adjusted to 300 dpi with CMYK color mode and also contains an instruction file (links for free fonts can be found in the file). The image of the performer is not included in the file.

Red & White Concert Pass / Party Ticket

3 mockup 1

This $6 template has a similar design to the previous one but uses a red and white color combination instead. Similar to the previous template, this is also fully customizable. All the text, colors, and shapes layers can be edited with a single click. The template has a 9″ x 3″ (0.25 bleed) size, can be adjusted to 300 dpi, a CMYK color mode, and an instruction file having links to free fonts used in the design. However, the image of the performer is not included in the file.

Black & Grey Concert Pass / Party Ticket

3 mockup 3 e1508138291620

This template has a similar design to the previous two templates. Instead of images of performers, a grey-colored leaf in a black background represent the main attraction of the design. This template costing $6 has a 9″ x 3″ (0.25 bleed) size, 300 dpi adjustment, CMYK color mode, and an instruction file with links to the free fonts used in the design. The image of the leaf is not included in the file.

Party Concert Pass / Party Ticket

3 mockup 2 e1508138298149

This $6 admission ticket template uses an image of a silhouette of people celebrating in a concert. Bright lights are used as the template’s background. Similar to the other template, it costs $6 and has a 9″ x 3″ (0.25 bleed) size. The template is also adjusted to 300 dpi, has a CMYK color mode, and an instruction file with links to free fonts. The images used in this template are not included in the file.

Tips when purchasing online templates

Check the designer / seller’s profile

To avoid being scammed and losing all your hard-earned money in the process, check the designer’s profile first before making any purchase. Check his previous collection if the quality of the designs are consistent. Also, read the reviews since the product rating will be based on the comments of customers. This is very important as you want to get the best possible result while also getting the full value for your money. The best-looking high-quality designs and the most experienced designers are found on Creative Market, Graphicriver, Zazzle, Themeforest, Etsy, Stock Layouts, and Deviantart.

Use digital templates

No matter how beautiful the designs are, the customers always prefer the design to be delivered to them at the earliest possible time. Shipping is always a problem in terms of physical designs that need to be delivered to your doorstep. The estimated average delivery time listed in the designer’s profile is never accurate as one cannot predict the movements of couriers and the schedules of airlines or cargo ships. It can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the area or country where the item was ordered. You want the item to be delivered as soon as possible once payment has been completed to prepare for other things in your event. Additionally, if you are planning to purchase invitation ticket templates, then it should be the first thing which should be done as you will have to deliver it to your guests a few weeks before the event.

Communication is important

If possible, steer clear of designers who take too long to reply to your inquiries. If you find the template attractive but the designer replies to you a day after you sent him a message, choose another design from another designer. There are thousands of designs to choose from as well as thousands of designers who will make you their main priority. It is best that you find a designer which addresses your concerns within a few minutes or a few hours and also doesn’t leave any concerns from your end unanswered. Communication is important as you want your design to be accomplished quickly with topnotch quality.

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