35+ Charcoal Drawings


Charcoal Art. The name says it all. Charcoal is a form of dry art medium in which the charcoal sticks become the art producing machines. Here the wax binder binds the finely grounded organic materials together. Charcoal drawing gives the flexibility of applying the creativity on any surface – be it smooth, semi-smooth, or coarse. Though there are various charcoal types, people generally use three variants: Pencil, Vine, and Compressed. Let’s know about the primitive form of art in detail in the below sections.

Emma Watson Charcoal Pencil Drawing

emma watson charcoal pencil drawing


The portrait portrays the epic work. What a powerful glare. Isn’t it? The artist just got it down on the paper. We don’t know the number of pencils and charcoal used for it but the output demonstrates the perfection.

7+ Charcoal Drawings

7 charcoal drawings


What a blossoming art! A rough sketch blooms out of nothing. Here the gradient demands considerable labor for sure. Seems like the artist made an attempt to give the loose sally of his mind a grand reality.

Charcoal Drawing of a Legend

legend charcoal drawing


Wait Boy! It’s not a photo. It’s the complete art using just Chalk and Charcoal. For the King of Pop, it could be just another tribute, but the way the artist demonstrates the practice is quite evident.

Charcoal Drawing of an Old Man

charcoal drawing of old man


This time, the eye for detail took an artistic synonym. We all know that when you have passion, the hours fly unknowingly. The artist did the same. Anyway, the output is so alive with White hair, Broken lens, and Pipe in the mouth.

Puppy Portrait Drawing

puppy charcoal drawing


This portrait brings out the landscape ability of the artist. A Charcoal art of a pug. But how did the artist got the pencillish touch remains an unsolved mystery. Hence, all we can do is just admire the great work.

Jennifer Lawrence Charcoal Drawing

jennifer lawrence charcoal drawing


The artist might be a fan of the “Passengers” actress, but the way he has taken the art to a whole new level is simply incredible. Good work speaks time and again.

Flower Girl Charcoal Drawing

flower girl charcoal drawing


A beautiful nymph looking astonishing in the natural attire with a flower crown. But can we believe that the artist gets this charcoal drawing done in her free time? The blurred background highlights the image even better.

Passion Charcoal Drawing

passion charcoal drawing


One cannot stop appreciating the effort against the blurred background. Also the aura effect around the subject is wonderful. Every piece of the image requires so much concentration. Everybody can easily understand the artist’s 100+ hours of work to get 100% perfection.

Lonely Girl Drawing

alone girl charcoal drawing


How to kill the boredom? Here the artist shares some interesting news with us. She has perfectly utilized her free time for charcoal art. The finished piece demonstrates the class.

Charcoal Portrait of a Lady

charcoal portrait of sister


Amazing. Both the dedication and details need an applause. What raises the eyebrows is that the artist completed the drawing in just 40 hours. Maybe his sister is a freakishly easy challenge for him.

Eagle Charcoal Drawing

eagle charcoal drawing


Princess Charcoal Drawing

princess charcoal drawing


Panda Charcoal Drawing

panda charcoal drawing


10 Charcoal Drawings

10 charcoal drawings


Cat & Dog Charcoal Drawing

cat dog charcoal drawing


Charcoal Drawing of a Fly

charcoal drawing of fly


Charcoal Drawing of a Beautiful Girl

elizxabeth manning charcoal drawing


Skull And Owl Drawing

skull and owl drawing


Many consider Charcoal art as one of the true art formats. However, it’s not an easy job. It is a time-consuming job that takes long hours and even days of dedication and determination. At times it is straight without any sleep. But if the output is good, the artist feels worth it. You can also see 3D Drawings.

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