25+ Cute Drawings

Artists are usually portrayed as instinctive, slightly crazy individuals. When they get inspired, they forget about the existence of other things and rather focus all their attention on their creativity in creating a masterpiece. But if you are a beginner, it doesn’t seem to work like this. You may have an inspiring idea to start off with but you can’t just allow yourself to forget about everything else. You may look for references here and there and may end up losing your primary idea and modify it to something else. But nevertheless, whatever you may end up creating, it will be considered as an artwork and there are so many such artists who have gone through the same process and have ended up creating so many cute drawings.

Cute Child on a Donkey Drawing

cute child donkey drawing

The above cute drawing is a part of a story titled “Stubborn” Traveling. Through this cute drawing, the artist has tried to put light on the story which is about two stubborn children who were infected by their friend Don-Cho, a donkey with a disease related to stubbornness, which is very typical of a donkey. They started on a journey in search of a cure for this stubbornness and in the process, one fine day they realized they have traveled all around the world. One may wonder whether the world has become smaller or the children have grown up, after seeing this cute drawing.

Pals Drawing by Sarah Batalka

pals drawing by sarah batalkaSource

The above cute drawing is a spectacular piece of artwork created by popular artist Sarah Batalka. The artist has been obsessed with realism since she was a young child. Her graphite and color pencil work cover a wide variety of subjects that includes animals, portraits, florals, still life, landscapes, etc. The above artwork is one of the many graphite works done by the artist and here the artist has tried to highlight the bond that we human beings share with dogs. The joyful expression on the face of the little kid and the expression on the dog’s eye will definitely mesmerize the viewers.

Cartoon Drawing

cartoon drawingSource

The above cartoon drawing is based on a fictional character called Sasuke Uchiha from the manga and anime franchise Naruto. Sasuke is one of the last surviving members of the Konohagakure Uchiha clan. His elder brother slaughtered his whole family and the story revolves around how Sasuke avenges the death of his beloved family members. Although it’s a story of revenge and vengeance, still the drawing looks super cute. The artist has taken the process of character creation to another level altogether.

Cute Pigtober Drawing

cute pigtober drawing

The above drawing is a fine example of cute drawings that you will come across. Here the artist has used his imagination to the fullest and did the unthinkable. He has shown a pig which seems to be flying. People call so many animals cute by looking at their appearance but very rarely you would call a pig ‘cute’. That’s the beauty of this cute drawing.

Tiny Characters Drawing

tiny characters drawing

The artist here in this above artwork has created characters for an upcoming mobile game. Although the characters are very small in size, yet the artist has given great attention to detailing. The characters look pretty different in terms of their looks and expressions. Whichever game these characters would have been used in, they would have contributed to the overall success of that game for sure.

Puppy Pencil Drawing

puppy pencil drawing

Cute Desert Princess

cute desert princess

Majestic Sanji Drawing

majestic sanji drawingSource

Cute Hipster Drawing

cute hipster drawing

Cute Child Drawing

baby cute drawingSource

Cute Cat Drawing

cute cat drawingSource

Halloween Drawing

halloween drawingSource

Pencil Drawing of Kissing Kids

kids kissing pencil drawingSource

Cute Little Baby Drawing

cute little baby drawing

Anime Girl Drawing

anime girl drawingSource

Rapunzel Color Pencil Drawing

rapunzel color pencil drawing

Dutch Lady Drawing

dutch lady drawingSource

Cute Kitty Drawing

cute kitty drawing

Drawing of a Girl with a Butterfly

drawing of a girl with butterfly

Pencil drawing of a Tiger

tiger pencil drawing

Animation Girl Drawing

animation girl drawingSource

Elsa Color Pencil Drawing

elsa color pencil drawing

Cute Rabbit Drawing

cute rabbit drawingSource

My Cute Miera

my cute miera

The above drawing of a little girl is loaded with cuteness. The artist has created a fantastic looking small girl and anybody would fall in love with her innocence just by looking at her face and expression. She looks cute and adorable at the same time. The falling hair on her forehead, the confused looking expression, her sitting position, and the colorful decor of the place will mesmerize the viewers for sure.

A New Drawing by Spovv

a new drawing by spovv

The above drawing is yet another fantastic piece of cute drawing by the artist, designer, and illustrator, Svilen Petrov. The above drawing has been aptly titled ‘A New Color”. Here in this drawing, you can see the head of a parrot near a color palette along with a coloring brush and color is spilling out of it. The best part about this cute drawing is that different people will interpret it differently as per their own levels of understanding

The above drawing is an excellent drawing of the famous Kawaii girl. Kawaii means cute in Japan and Kawaii is an art form that represents giant eyes, rounded shapes, and simplistic features. The kawaii art concept began as a rebellion against the traditional Japanese culture in the 1970s. Girls wrote, doodled, and adopted a cuter style of dressing sense in order to set themselves apart from the roles that the society was expecting them to play. The above Cute Kawaii girl Drawing portrays all those emotions in the most striking manner.

The above cute drawings have countless uses. They can be used in a variety of design projects like designing e-cards, Valentine’s Day cards, children’s arts and crafts projects, posters, flyers, and several other such projects. These drawings are fun and adorable and are an absolute hit among people of all ages.

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