8+ Nature Drawings

A drawing is a visual illustration of the lines of an object or concept. With a pencil, a drawing is a representation of a figure without color. Some use it as a form of a vocation, some as a form of a job. A drawing can be expressed in various styles—some in the form of pencil drawings, watercolor drawings, and with the use of an illustrator, so on and so forth.

One very common object of interest for artists to draw is nature. For those who are fond of nature drawing and for those aspiring artists or professional artists who are looking for minimalist nature drawings, this page is right just for you.

Nature Pencil Drawing



Nature Scenery Drawing

Nature Scenery Drawing


Nature Sketch Drawing



Beautiful Nature Drawing



Nature Art Drawing



Wonderful Nature

Isn’t it amazing how nature can ease and calm our hearts and minds? I am sure you are wondering that as well. There is this intense feeling that we can’t explain. All we know is that when we see nature, it gives us this benevolent sense. It calms our stressed body and soul.

As nature enthusiasts, it is with great pleasure for us to stay in a place where we are being surrounded by nature, since living in a city is kinda stressful at times. It really pays to have a clean and fresh atmosphere in which we can no longer appreciate while living in a metropolis.

There are a lot of reason why nature is essential for us. Below we share that are some of it.

Why Is Nature Important?

  • Without nature, we wouldn’t exist.
  • Gives us peace of mind and the best place for restoring our bodies.
  • It is where we living things can get a source of food.
  • Gives us fresh water.
  • A home for living beings.
  • Teaches us to sympathize and appreciate.

You may tend to be passive when it comes to nature. Keep in mind that we are merely nothing without it. Nature is God’s gift to us.

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Vintage Nature Drawing



Nature Colored Pencil Drawing



Watercolor Nature Drawing



Nature Tree Drawing



Since we are talking about nature and drawings, we’ve collaborated these two and created a list of 8 nature drawings. These are beautiful sketches of nature that comes in various patterns and designs. We guarantee that you will appreciate every one of them.

If you are looking for something new to sketch or draw, take these images as your inspiration. Not just that, you can also use these images for your new room wallpaper; laptop, mobile, or PC background; a new, fresh design for your nature-themed or personal website; a T-shirt design; or use it as a cover photo on your social media accounts. These are not just your typical drawings; you can make use all of these in so many ways!

These pictures come in high-quality resolutions so you can see every detail is clearly printed out. You can download them straight to your devices anytime and anywhere. Very convenient, isn’t it? You can also edit these drawings if you want to—add some words or quotes perhaps. Share this page to your friends who also loves nature with a touch of art. They will be amazed for sure.

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