9+ Best Line Drawings


Fan of line art? You know, the one art where it only consists mainly of lines and curves. Usually drawn on a simple background, line art could also be used with different colors. These can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional, however the lines act upon each other. The lines in this type of art makes sense together and emphasizes on details and shapes which make them eye catching.

Wondering where you can get some samples of this remarkable art form? Well, you found it! Because here we have different assortments of line art that you can use for your own desire.

You can also try and check out our collection of Cool Drawings.

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Animal Line Drawing

animal line drawing Source

Line Drawing of Tree

line drawing of tree Source

Black and White Line Drawing

black and white line drawing Source

Line Drawing of Bird

line drawing of bird Source

Rose Line Drawing

rose line drawing Source

Fall in Love with These Lines

We all have different types and tastes in drawings, but there one thing you all have in common that brought you here—the love of line art. So here, we also have different drawings but in the form of line art that we can offer:

  • Animal Line Drawing. You are an animal lover or just a lover of dogs? Then this drawing would truly captivate you. This artwork of a dog consisting of beautifully drawn lines and curves is a breather to the eyes.
  • Line Drawing of Tree. Nature is always a good thing, but before you say how ironic it is to have a drawing of a tree on paper, how about appreciating the beauty of how those specific lines make up this tree? With beautiful curves as leaves and bolder lines to emphasize shadows, its a drawing well done.
  • Black and White Line Drawing. This drawing of a beautiful woman is bold. Bold because of the use of bold lines to show details of the woman with a bird on her shoulder.
  • Line Drawing of Bird. Let’s get away from the complex and go the simple. This drawing of a bird is simple but beautiful. The way the single and thin line created the shape of this bird is amazing.
  • Rose Line Drawing. You can never go wrong with floral design, and this drawing of a rose is exactly that, floral. The way those lines and shading worked together to emphasize details on this drawing is flawless.

Try some other Pencil Drawings.

Landscape Line Drawing

landscape line drawing Source

Heart Line Drawing

heart line drawing Source

Line Drawing of Flowers

line drawing of flowers Source

Vintage Line Drawing

vintage line drawing Source

Owl Line Drawing

owl line drawing

  • Landscape Line Drawing. Landscapes are always a serene thing to look at, and this line drawing of such landscape of hills will be a good thing to look at every once in a while.
  • Owl Line Drawing. This drawing of an owl is something else. Look at how those circles, triangles and squares consisted this shape of an owl. Its a brilliant use of shapes, lines and shading.
  • Heart Line Drawing. At first look it is somewhat like a bonsai tree that is formed into a heart. But you get to decide what it is really about. Its your story to tell. The leaf-like lines magnificently shaped this heart, even though there are holes and parts of the side of the heart that is not filled, that only made it more artistic.
  • Line Drawing of Flowers. Another floral design drawing but this is one of a kind. The gorgeous looking flowers made up of amazing curves and fine lines as details. Anybody who looks at it would be at awe.
  • Vintage Line Design. Vintage is a style that is always on trend. The old fashioned ribbon embellished with flowers embraces vintage wonderfully. And the beige background adds up to the old-fashioned theme.

These drawings are easily accessible and free, so try them out right now.

We also have a huge collection of 3D Drawings you can check out from our website.

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