19+ Examples of Optical Illusion Drawings


About 150 years ago, a few German scientists discovered a way to make black and white drawings look colorized. They discovered a technique that is still a great illusion today. Now you can make a series of such drawings one after the other. Below are some optical illusion drawings for your use. They are the action toys and tricks with some movement on paper. They even help you line up your drawings correctly. Explore the surprise of visual illusion.

Optical Illusion Drawing of Zebra

optical illusion drawing of zebra1

Don’t we know how many versions has the artist made to get this final output? But we cannot stop appreciating his erudite. This Optical Illusion drawing of zebra helps you correct some of your glaring errors.

Clean Optical Illusion Drawing

clean optical illusion drawing1

This clean optical illusion drawing is an excellent sample of 3D drawing illusions. Here one hand is shown drawing the other hand. We are sure that it is an actual drawing without any photoshop effects.

Surreal Illusion Drawing

surreal illusion drawing1

This surreal illusion drawing projects some ancient water tank. The temple ponds are famed for ancestry civilization. How many youtube videos did the artist watch to draw this?

Breathtaking Illusion Drawing

breath taking illusion drawing1

Another breathtaking Illusion drawing. This 3D Pencil Drawing leaves you speechless for quite some time. Here the artist has skillfully drawn the girl’s face with an intention to create an illusion.

High Resolution 3D Drawing

high resolution 3d drawing1

This high-resolution 3D drawing of 3D T-Rex proves the fact that only the truest of the artist can draw something like this. There is no photoshop fakery in this, we guess.

Pencil Vs Camera Drawing

pencil vs camera drawing

The artist has created a three dimensional image of himself holding a camera and the ultimate result has been this – a pencil vs camera drawing depicting the real illustrator versus the anamorphic photographer.

Eiffel Tower in Other Angles

eiffel tower in other angles1

The Illusion Painting of Eiffel Tower in different angles. This artist must be a true optical illusionist. Everything right from the lines to the shadowing looks so realistic.

3D Illusion Drawing Illustration

3d illusion drawing illustration1

This 3D illusion Drawing Illustration can be a valuable addition to your collection. The globe with a shadow effect. We are certain that this comes from a lot of perception research.

Optical Illusion Drawing of Black Hole

optical illusion drawing of black hole1

This Optical Illusion Drawing of a Black Hole is an Anamorphic Illusion Drawing that was done through black and white squares. A Bermuda triangle in black and white checks, you can say.

Fantasy Illusion Drawing

fantasy illusion drawing1

An interesting fantasy illusion drawing. A kid covered in a blanket taking a nap. Here the artist beats the complexity through the layers of the visual cortex. The level of treatment needs a mention here.

Awesome Illusion Drawing

awesome illusion drawing1

Illusion Drawing of Nico Robin

illusion drawing of nico robin1

3D Illusion Drawing of Museum

3d illusion drawing of museum2

Awesome Optical Illusion Drawing

awesome optical illusion drawing1

Amazing Optical Illusion Drawing

amazing optical illusion drawing1

Traditional Optical Illusion Drawing

traditional optical illusion drawing 1

Optical Illusion Drawing of Butterfly

optical illusion drawing of butterfly1

Tunnel Stairs Drawing by VamosArt

tunnel stairs by vamosart1

Optical Illusion Drawing of Eye

optical illusion drawing of eye1

The above optical illusion drawings fool you seriously. For most of the drawings, vertical lines are the secrets to making them come to life. If you love optical pieces, above is a collection by various artists. The interesting fact here is that the manipulations have been done manually, without any digital help.

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