9+ Mermaid Drawings


Mermaids sprang from Greek mythological characters like Triton, the god, merman, and messenger of the sea. It has been depicted in Disney’s The Little Mermaid movie as well. While the existence of mermaids is tagged as a legend, sightings of the mermaid were confirmed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration according to one source.

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Mermaids live in the warmer ocean parts of the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Pacific Ocean. Mermaids in some customs were considered to be bearers of bad luck but not to the world of art. We’ve collected these beautiful pencil drawings and digital drawings of mermaids that will blow you off course. Check them out here.

3D Mermaid Drawing

3d mermaid drawingSource

Fantasy Mermaid Drawing

fantasy mermaid drawingsSource

 Colorful Mermaid Drawing

colorful mermaid drawingSource

Abstract Mermaid Drawing

abstract mermaid drawingSource

What Makes a Mermaid?

Mermaids have distinctive features that appeal to most children and mermaid artists. A few of these mermaid drawings feature include these basic elements:

  • Long, wavy hair. As most women value, hair is every female’s crowning glory. Mermaids can have colorful hair highlights or braided hair with shell crowns or clips attached.
  • Wide tails. Mermaids’ tails are synonymous to those of a whale’s tail. They use it to withstand strong water currents and dive in deeper trenches.
  • Fit body. Mermaids are probably fit because they swim most of the time and eat only weeds and fish. Wait ’til they hear about pork.
  • Jewelry pieces. Mermaids can wear bangles or pearls, starfish hair clips, or crowns or tiaras. Jewelry pieces are their prized treasures.

Our collection of mermaid cartoon drawings will be suitable for use as kid’s coloring pages, paintings, illustrations, and even characters for your fantasy comics online. If you’re a fan of mermaids, then you might definitely use our mermaid drawings as fan page posts.

What about Tattoos?

It’s not uncommon to see mermaid tattoo designs these days in the advent of more advanced techniques and talented artists. The intricate patterns on the fish half of their body, the long, flowing locks, and serene beauty makes this design popular, not only among sailors but with everyday, ordinary joes too. However, mermaid tattoos can mean different things as they s

  • Freedom. That fact that mermaids swim fearlessly in deep waters with their sweet melodies is a symbol of freedom from the cares of life.
  • Beauty. Mermaids represents the beauty, or sometimes vanity, in some sources. They are referred as nymphs of the sea by most artists.

6 Mermaid Drawings

6 mermaid drawingsSource

Creative Mermaid Drawing

creative mermaid drawingSource

Mermaid Sketch Drawing

mermaid sketch drawingSource

Mermaid Drawing Illustration

mermaid drawing illustration

Mermaid Tattoo Drawing

charcoal tattoo drawing

Charcoal Mermaid Drawing

charcoal mermaid drawing

What about Tattoos? (cont’d)

  • Sensuality. Their curvaceous figures are a sign of their feminine aspects, which, according to legend, enticed men in the Victorian Era.
  • Seduction. Mermaids we believed to have tempted sailors and lured them underwater. This was probably a tale of an envious wife.
  • Binary nature. Mermaids were believed to bring abundance of crops through water but also brought about terrible storms.

Aside from these qualities, women have a deep affinity with mermaids. Not only are they symbols of beauty and grace, mermaids stand for the woman’s thirst for adventure. However, women also feel a strong bond with mermaids because

  • Mermaids are emotional beings. Mermaids are very much passionate about exploring the waters just as women love to explore the mall and other career options.
  • Mermaids feel the tiniest movements of the sea. Mermaids are very sensitive to the waves—they would know if a storm is coming or if a massive school of fish would move to their direction just like how women are paranoid and obsessed over interiors.
  • Mermaids are natural introverts. Mermaids are one-of-a-kind creatures. Even though the sea is wide enough for them to explore, at times they stay in isolated areas just like some women who go on vacation to settle their thoughts.

We also have mermaid abstract drawings that are similar to the ones in museums which you can use for decorating your home. View more of our posts from our website for other colorful and elegant drawings.

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