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19+ Awesome Animal Drawings

“Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness”. You cannot bring proficiency in any person just by forcing him/her. Especially drawing is something that has to do a lot with one’s innate ability and passion. If you are that aspirant who wants to make it big as an artist, these floating drawings of animals are for you. They not only show the build of the animals but also try to express their character.

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Beautiful Squirrel Drawing

Practicing Helps. But you ought to have something concrete to practice. Here is something with so much of life that you will actually touch it for petting it.

Drawing of A Bulldog

A Cute drawing of a Bulldog. The artist draws it just like the real animal. If you draw more animals than people, you can keep this doggy immediately in your collection.

Bright Charcoal Drawing of Dog

Animal drawing is a source of joy that keeps the artist’s face glowing. See this lifelike drawing of an Dog which was drawn using Charcoal on toned paper.

Horse Drawing by Pilar Larcade

Here is the drawing of a horse face with nose band, terret, brow band, cheek piece, throat latch, rosette, etc. A Wonderful drawing by gifted hands of talent.

Dog Drawing by Austin

Is it really hand-drawn? To make us believe, Austin, the artist of this Abstract drawing gave the details that it was drawn on Strathmore series 400 paper using an HB pencil. Everything including the fur, eyes and the belt looks so realistic.

Elephant Illustration Drawing

Though there is less similarity between the real animal and this image (because people cannot see an African elephant this way), you can use this to know how to start Animal drawing.

Dark Charcoal Drawing of A Dog

Though you are never taught things in a traditional way, you can very much become a Traditional artist. Here is the know-how. Drawing of a Dog using dark charcoal.

Creative Elephant Drawing

Flora & Fauna are always great sources of inspiration for drawing. Look at this Elephant drawing. An idea transformed into a beautiful result. Even if you are a local crafter, you can use this.

Awesome Pug Drawing

The artist has taken a patent on the idea. But fortunately, you can get inspiration from this. Now the finished one is very much in front of you; all you need to have is the time to practice.

Wild Leopard Art with Pencil

What all you could do with a few art pencils? Of course, a lot. See this Pencil drawing. In addition to the commissioned drawings, you now have another drawing of a Wild Leopard drawn using pencils.

Pencil Sketch of a Squirrel

Wolf Drawing by iMikeOakheart

Tiger Art with Ballpoint Pen

Black & White Horse

Pencil Art of Dogs

Giraffe Art by Jayna Pavlin

Conceptual Pug Drawing

Wildebeest Art by James W Johnson

Traditional Art of Dog

Wild Cat Drawing

Little Red Color Squirrel

Colorful Drawing by Atomiccircus

Head Shot of a Growling Bear

Kitty Drawing by Gabby

Puppy Drawing by Sarah Batalka

Pencil Illustration of an Adorable Pug

Blue Color Horse By Boyan Dimitrov

Pencil Sketch of a Tiger Head

Wild Dogs in Blackc & White Color

Now your lovely drawing book can be your canvas. After all, if your drawings can bring smiles on people’s faces, what else do you want? These drawings are speaking up for something that is less spoken of. They are all about entangled and endangered species that we need to protect for the generations to come.

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98+ FREE & Premium Drawings - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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