10+ Pencil Drawings


3D pencil drawings have become a trend nowadays. More and more artists venture this type of art style. 3D pencil drawings draw its origins from optical art, which is an abstraction based on optical illusions. Highly trained artists who have mastered 3D space, both in depth and space, come up with these awe-inspiring kinds of artworks.

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It has become quite popular, provided that artists only use their pencils and papers to create amazing works of art. Artists can create 3D pencil drawings of celebrities’ faces such Jennifer Lawrence (like in this article) and famous animated characters. Download the PNG, JPEG, and other formats from this article and draw inspiration from these artists to start your own!

Jennifer Lawrence Pencil Drawing

jennifer lawrence pencil drawingDownload

Cute Pencil Drawing

cute pencil drawingDownload

Awesome Pencil Drawing

awesome pencil drawingsDownload

Flower Pot Pencil Drawing

flower pot pencil drawingDownload

Pencil Drawing of a Man

pencil drawings of a manDownload

3D vs. Hyperrealism

Most artists say that 3D pencil art represents true hyperrealism. Artists around the world delve into this kind of skillful display of art. In these kinds of art, the line between reality and art is blurred.

Artists in this field aim to create art precisely the same as reality; the naked human eye will have a hard time distinguishing which is the original. It is founded on Jean Baudrillard’s philosophy: the “simulation of something which never really existed.”

Hyperrealistic Drawings

The subject matter of hyperrealistic drawings is basically everything under the sun. Artists can make use of anything that he or she may find stimulating to the eyes. Artists in this field focus more on the details of the subject matter. It’s as if they want to breathe life into art.

Recently, the subject matter range from portraits, figurative art, still life, landscapes, cityscapes, and narrative scenes. More and more artists also venture into social and cultural issues as inspiration for their artworks. Indeed, this kind of art is very technical, requiring not only talent but also hard work, commitment, patience, and research. Check out our cool gallery of hyperrealistic drawings to get ideas for your next project!

Hand & Flower Pencil Drawing

hand flower pencil drawingDownload

Skull Pencil Drawing

skull drawingDownload

Beautiful Face Drawing

beautiful face drawingDownload

Face Drawing

face drawing


Realistic Pencil Drawing

realistic pencil drawingDownload

3D Charcoal Drawings

In Michelangelo’s “Study of a Man Shouting,” it illustrates that charcoal can capture emotions and details, which is what art is all about. It is a form of dry-art medium made of finely ground organic materials held together binders such as resin or wax.

Artists usually use this medium because of its versatility in depicting emotions and expressions with respect to its dark quality. Most artist prefer them because they are easy to apply and modify.

Why Charcoal Drawings?

Recently, the subject matter of charcoal drawings are animals or pets, landscapes, still life, plush toys, people, and glossy surfaces. To some artists, the use of charcoal for art is bold, daring, and dramatic. Here are some of the advantages of using charcoal for drawings:

  • Charcoal suits well for expressive types of shading.

  • Charcoal is versatile.

  • Charcoal can be used on large surfaces.

  • Charcoal is perfect for large, sweeping strokes to accurately capture gestures.

  • You can quickly make changes with charcoal.

  • Charcoal has a wide range of uses.

Indeed, charcoal is an interesting medium. It is both complex and versatile, and you can really feel the connection you have with you artwork. Check our awesome gallery of charcoal drawings from which you could get ideas and new subject matter for your next masterpiece!

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