9+ Horse Drawings


Drawing is one of those activities that requires constant practice in order to master your skills and find your own personal style. When drawing subjects that strongly interests you, one develops a technique in a more natural and organic way that lets you enjoy the journey. There are a lot of interesting and cool things to draw aside from drawing lines, such as drawing horses.

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We all know that drawing animals can be a bit challenging not just for the not so artistic person but also seasoned artists alike. The drawing designs on this page allow you to jump-start any creative task that involves horses, whether it’s for a school project or personal hobby. Also, don’t forget to check out other Animal Drawings on this website in case the horse is not your favorite.

Horse Head Drawing

horse head drawing Download

Rearing Horse Drawing

rearing horse drawing Download

Sea Horse Drawing

sea horse drawing Download

Realistic Horse Drawing

realistic horse drawing Download

Running Horse Drawing

running horse drawing Download

The Horse Used as a Symbol in Different Cultures

You might want to ask why would someone draw a horse. Well, just like any other animal, they can be used to symbolize something other than itself.

  • Celtic. The horse is associated with war in Celtic culture, with attributes of victory, conquer, and longevity. The Celts hailed the animal as the beast belonging to the sun god and put it together with the goddess Epona.
  • Greco-Roman. The horse is a symbol of power, victory, honor, domination, and virility for the Greco-Romans, which represents the spoils of war. The Romans also believe it is a symbol of the continuity of life, fertility, and rebirth.
  • Hindu. In Hindu belief, the horse is linked to Varuna and is equated to the cosmos as it is believed to be the last incarnation of Vishnu. A winged horse is also depicted carrying The Book of Law in Buddhism.
  • Chinese. One of the symbols in the Chinese Zodiac, the horse is equated with Gemini and represents practicality, love, endurance, devotion, and stability.
  • Native American. The horse has been honored as helper, messenger, and harbinger of spirit knowledge to the Native Americans. They also considered the horse as the emblem of freedom as it is wild.

So, if you want to express any of these characteristics of the horse animal as a symbol just like these cultures, check out the Pencil Drawings on this page.

Horse Outline Drawing

horse outline drawing Download

Baby Horse Drawing

baby horse drawing Download

Cartoon Horse Drawing

cartoon horse drawing Download

Flaming Horse Drawing

flaming horse drawing Download

Galloping Horse Drawing

galloping horse drawing Download

Special Characteristics of Horses

  • Social. A horse needs a herd in order for it to survive in the wild and a harem to build relationships with other horses. They live in a group for security, protection, peace, and a greater chance of survival.
  • Moving. Even though domestication of horses has been prevalent for a long time, the need to move in order to find food, water, and minerals, as well as being a prey animal, has not been lost from this majestic animals.
  • Creature of habit. Just like human being and other mammals, the horse has an internal body clock which set the times for grazing and taking a rest.
  • Instinctive. Horses know that they are prone to predators attacking them, so they have developed to act instinctively. There reactions become innate and unconscious but effective to ensure that threats are avoided.

For more animal representations that you want to use for your projects, check out other Easy Drawings of animals or other things in this website and enjoy drawing away!

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