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Easter Drawings

Easter is one of the most sought-after holidays by children and Christians. It is a celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, where it is said that those who trusts in His death and resurrection, “death is swallowed up in victory”; while those who chooses to follow Him, receives “a new birth into a living hope through His resurrection from death.”

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For children and children-at-heart, Easter is one of the holidays where you talk about the famous folklore of the Easter Hare, make decorative eggs, and create Easter drawings. It is a fun activity that represents meanings related to Easter.

Easter Bunny Drawing


A Festive Holiday

There are a lot of celebrated holidays in the world by culture, religion, or any memorable event. Easter is one of the many Christian religious holidays that is widely known and celebrated. Nowadays, when you ask a child what Easter is, they would say something like, “Chocolate bunnies and hunt for eggs,” making the real meaning of Easter overshadowed by the fun tradition that was created through its influence and practices.

So, what is in Easter? Easter is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is important as it is the focal point of Christianity as a whole as it is proof that He is the son of God and that the Almighty is righteous that through His son’s death you are cleansed from the sins and through his resurrection you are given a chance of living a new life. For Christians, it is not just a festival or a holiday but an important symbolic event. So, how did decorative eggs and bunnies come into the picture of this symbolic event?

The Easter Hare

Back in Germany during the late 15th century, the early Renaissance, Lutheranism was established by Martin Luther. It is a major branch of Protestant Christianity that advocates a doctrine of justification “by grace alone through faith alone on the basis of Scripture alone,” a doctrine that scripture is the final authority on all matters of faith. Among the German Lutherans, they depicted Easter as a rabbit bringing Easter egg and is called the “Easter Hare.” It is said that the rabbit played the role of a judge, distinguishing if the children were good or disobedient at the start of the Eastertide.

Bunnies being known for their breeding capabilities have become the symbol of fertility and the eggs that they carry in their basket symbolizes new life.They are decorated in hopes that your new life would be as wonderful. The traditional activity of hunting for the eggs, especially by children, is like a wish for them to be able to find their path to what kind of life they want to lead. The search is a reminder for them that in order to have a life they will be satisfied with, they need a lot of work and patience.

Floral Easter Egg Drawing


To celebrate the wonderful holiday of Easter, drawings available on our website can be downloaded for free for you to either use as a reference material or as a keepsake. If you wish to learn or have better ideas on designing your Easter eggs, check out these 23+ Beautiful Easter Eggs Designs available on our site.

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