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10+ Black and White Drawings

If you’re fond of drawing or looking at hand-drawn art, you’ll love this collection of black and white drawings that we’ve found gracing the Internet with their fantastic styles and excellent use of forms, lines, and shadings. Whether you like to draw or not, these etchings are works of art that you can take in one at a time and maybe from which you could get some inspiration.

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Pencils are probably one of the first drawing tools most artists would hold over the course of his or her lifetime. Exceptional in its simplicity and versatility, pencils can show so much with just gray graphite. Take a gander at these pencil drawings for you to enjoy and gaze on.

Black and White Eye Drawing


Black and White Cat Drawing


Black and White Landscape Drawing


Lines and Shading

Using lines to indicate form by defining the edges is one of the first things that artists learn when they hold a drawing implement for the very first time. Then the use of lines diversify as they grow more experienced, showing differences in tone, proper shading of subjects relative to light sources, and tracing contours with their lines, among other skills that they learn and develop as they continue practicing their craft.

All these things are more important; there’s no color that distracts the viewers from an art subject’s beautiful form and structure.

Pencils, Charcoal, and Ink

Pencils are some of the most ubiquitous etching tool to have ever existed and easily extremely versatile. Ink drawings tend to more heavily feature form and lines, often making creative use of negative space or differing densities of hatching or crosshatching or of unlit torches.

Aside from pencils and pens, charcoal is another effective drawing implement used in black and white drawings. Have a look at these charcoal drawings and see what they’re all about. As one might know, nature has often inspired artwork. If you want to see more of that same inspiration and what came out of it, check out these nature drawings that we’re sharing with you.

Black and White Beach Drawing


Black and White Abstract Drawing



Black and White Eagle Drawing


Black and White Animal Drawing


Black and White Feather Drawing


Black and White Tree Drawing


Purity in Black and White

Line art is usually where artists start their own training—by themselves or under someone’s tutelage. The beach drawing features a continuous line drawing that is a great addition to the training of novice draftsmen to train in the formation of structures, eventually coming on to their own styles as they train more. There’s a lot of things that come to light when colors are taken out of the equation. Forms stand out more as themselves than part of a blur, and the lines have more depth in them somehow.

This collection includes a variety of drawing styles that show different ways of how—although color brings something great to pieces of artwork—color can also distract from other factors that would have made an otherwise bland subject truly inspire awe and wonder in the people who would see them.

More Drawings

Maybe you stumbled onto this article to look for some pretty drawings to pass the time and maybe find some inspiration of your own. No harm in that—drawings or any other piece of art are meant to be so. If you’re looking for more, fly over to this next collection to browse through awe-inspiring angel drawings.

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